Brendan Rodgers Says Finishing 7th Will Make It A ‘Fantastic’ Season For Liverpool: The Daily EPL

Sitting in 13th position in the Premier League, Liverpool’s season so far has been one of impressive draws against Chelsea and Manchester City, two league wins against Reading and Norwich, and a mixed bag of other results.

If we haven’t realized it already, this is not your father’s Liverpool. This is a once giant football club that has to focus on bringing through talented youth to keep the club afloat in the league. Brendan Rodgers is doing the best with the tools he has available. And yesterday he tried to manage the expectations of Liverpool supporters.

Here’s what he had to say:

“We finished eighth last year. If we can improve on that, it’ll be fantastic for us. That’s the reality of where Liverpool are I’m afraid. I knew it would be a difficult year given the expectancy in Liverpool. But our young players will get better and better.”

“They’re very educated, Liverpool supporters. It can’t be easy for them. Most of us know Liverpool and its great history, but we can’t keep looking in the rear view mirror and looking back. The supporters are being very lenient with myself and the team, and I’m sure they’ll be frustrated sometimes, but their support has been incredible.”

“The reality is we’re a long way off in the league. “I’m not going to say the word ‘challenging’. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see the squad. These guys are giving me everything. Look at Chelsea, with Eden Hazard and their investment.”

“If you’re not going to have a massive investment to make it happen quickly, you have to develop it. That’s where we’re at. Those players don’t come cheap, and there are not too many available in January either.”

What’s your opinion about what Rodgers has to say? Is he speaking the truth, or can Liverpool be doing better with what they have? Have your say in the comments section below.

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15 thoughts on “Brendan Rodgers Says Finishing 7th Will Make It A ‘Fantastic’ Season For Liverpool: The Daily EPL”

  1. Rodgers is right, he is lucky to have a fan-base that hasn’t turned on him yet, every radio sports show, blog, or tv review that has LFC fan input on it that I have listened to, 99% has been supportive.

    IMO LFC fans appear to me to be more educated than Spurs fans. It’s not that I think they understand the tactical side of things more than any other fan-base, but they understand that progress and change takes time, and they are able to support that now they have seen the mad changing manager carousel doesn’t work.

    I wonder how long a new Man Utd Boss will get when SAF goes given teh MAssive culture change that club will have to go through?

    The Spurs fans I know are as a group at about 80% support level, but thats not all fans obviously, in reality, listening to the fans at the games, and through the various media outlets unfortunately Spurs fans don’t seem as educated, and the support level is at more of 20%. They are less willing to see out change. It is as if their expectaion-ometer is busted, they think that going to City and getting a win is realistic, to be expected, it is delusional, that if AVB doesn’t get a result then he should go.

    I’m sure i’ll listen to the Spurs show podcast and other fan media outlets and hear the “AVB made the wrong choices, we should have played 4-4-2”.

    Like they have actually studied hours of game film in conjunction with the pro opta sports package and based of what city’s formation and likely personnel are to be and decided, with our personnel, yeah, 442 will negate threats a,b and c and in transition we need shape x to put pressure on x,y,z……and so on and so forth. Which I’m sure we all really know hasn’t ever happened by any media member, but that will not stop the inevitable stirring up of a fan-base.

    Coaches will make mistakes as will players but most of them, and the good ones especially learn from them, unfortunately, Fans don’t seem to be capable of doing that. In the Spurs fan-base there appears to be a real lack of understanding that the difference between finishing 4th and finishing 2nd or winning the BPL is massive, it is extremely difficult, in-spite of what ‘arry wants everyone to believe..

    It needs HUNDREDS of millions of pounds of investment and when you cant do that then it takes longer, much longer to develop a team. I genuinely believe given the right resources and support, Spurs and AVB could challenge for a league title in 2-3 years, a genuine sustained challenge, not a flash in the pan one off, the question is will spurs fans be able to wait or realize this, or, will they continue to apply needles pressure that negatively effect’s the team?

    ahh…. the struggles of a spurs fan……

    1. What Spurs blog do you read/post ? I time to time will read the ” Fighting Cock ” because they are like you suggest ready to get rid of AVB and the others are blinkered and don’t want any bad talk of Spurs.

  2. I think its obvious that no matter who you put in charge, they will need money, time and patience to have a chance at succeeding. LFC (and their supporters) have been through a cycle where a complete overhaul of the team is needed and everyone realises that rash changes wont work. Brendan Rodgers has shown a good capacity to build a system in his image and chosen wisely the players to implement it. Whether his hand was forced or if he was simply curious the way he has brought Wisdom, Sterling, Shelvey and Suso in as regulars has been breathtaking. I like Robinson and Kelly too-bringing in all these young guys in has been affordable and priceless at once because getting these players prime time Premier League experience instead of shopping for those same guys will hopefully pay off.

  3. LFC fans will standby BR because we can see that the we have outplayed all of our opponents till date bar arsenal but the teams not been lethal enough in front of the goal…plus BR genuinely got screwed or botched at the transfer market either thru naivety or ego( not sure which one…only time will tell)
    I feel he will get at least until next Christmas before the fans turn on him.

  4. Rodgers will get 3 transfer windows to show what he has to offer. Last summer, this Jan and next summer. By this time next year he will need to have a team that looks capable of challenging for top 4.

  5. to all LFC fans do you think the Fenway group will open up the purse strings or will it be like the last transfer window? is Sterling worth 50k a week no but he will get it.

  6. It is good to see BR recognize reality and admit the challenging position Liverpool are in. A far cry from the “in the last 3 years teh club has finished between 6, 7, and 8…” Brendan Rodgers from the summer.

    I agree Liverpool have outplayed the opposition in many (maybe even most) games, but once you get this far into the season and that isn’t producing wins there is cause for concern.

  7. The big problem for Liverpool is that they cannot move a lot of their players who are earning big money and who are not playing regularly, like Downing, Cole and Henderson. Even Carroll will have to be sold at a huge loss. To buy players you need money from sales or investment from the owners. It has been reported that John Henry’s financial position has become very weak and his financial company maybe closing shop due to heavy losses. That’s bad news for both the Red Sox and Liverpool.

    While Liverpool are struggling to buy quality players that cost money the likes of Chelsea and the Manchester clubs will continue to improve by spending big. Even Spurs are capable of outspending Liverpool for talent. By the time Liverpool get back on track the other clubs will be much further away from them so it is going to take many years for Liverpool to challenge for the top 4 spot.

    Liverpool fans should brace themselves for remaining a midtable team for the foreseeable future.

  8. It is not really fair to expect Rodgers to undo the damage of the past few seasons overnight. My own unscientific take on their fanbase comes from knowing quite a few Reds supporters and they all seem to be pretty understanding.

    Kind of a fun team to watch right now actually. For all his antics and diving I have to put Suarez in position #1 in terms of “opposition strikers that scare the &%$#@(*& out of me when they touch the ball.”

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