Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 11: Open Thread

Three matches are on deck today, and each of them have the potential to be memorable for several different reasons.

The early kick-off today is Manchester City against Tottenham Hotspur. Last season’s match between these two at the Etihad Stadium was an instant classic, which featured two very cruel blows for Spurs — the fierce tackle by Nigel de Jong, and the last gasp miss by Jermain Defoe. If Defoe had gotten his foot on the ball, it could have been Tottenham we were talking about last season as Premier League title contenders.

As for City, they don’t need any more pressure than what they already have on the backs of their players and manager. So, it’s imperative that the team puts in a good performance to try to mend the obvious friction between the footballers and manager.

The second match of the day is Newcastle United versus West Ham United, which is a homecoming for Sam Allardyce, Kevin Nolan and Andy Carroll.

And then last but not least, Chelsea plays Liverpool in the last match of the day. After drawing Swansea in the league last week, can Chelsea bounce back? And what type of game will former Liverpool striker Fernando Torres have? This one should be an eyeopener, for sure.

Before, during and after today’s match, post your rants, raves, observations and questions in the comments section below as you follow along with the matches.

140 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 11: Open Thread”

      1. we will see how they do when the take on the all BLACKS.

        we never got a report from the pitch yesterday and your side getting 3 points.

        1. Hi JTM, I couldn’t give one because I wasn’t there. I had to go to Reading Uni for a revision study day so gave my ticket away.

          In fact I had £20 on QPR winning! Obviously the registered charity known as Stoke City weren’t feeling as benevolent as they usually are when a team without a win comes to town.

          1. Ian
            you must be down on the home side or had some bad Chinese food to bet on QPR!you would agree the pints were sweet with the 3pts captured.

          2. I did the same last season when we hit a flat spell and backed Bolton (5-0) and QPR (3-2) to beat us. It tends to be against teams in poor form, and my winnings paid for my season ticket last year!From what I’ve heard we were lucky that we were playing QPR.

  1. Freezal gives me heart palpitations EVERY single time, super indecisive, shall I come out, shall I stay back… Oohh can I get there, I’m getting old……aarrrgghh

  2. Kolorov pushing Lennon off the ball after pulling walker, and NO yellow…. Really ref?

    This second half is gonna get nasty if the ref doesn’t stamp out the decention of city players. Ade has done a great job, Dempsey has been absent and NOT hustling. A long 45 to go.

    Empty seats at the etihad, weak weak fan base can’t fill a stadium at a premier league game

    1. Weak fan base, haven’t we been here before don’t compare the two! 47k plus sold out every league game this year and last, stop listing to retards and clean those glasses that seem to think the ref isn’t giving you everything!

  3. Warren Barton getting his usual whack in on Mancini. Don’t know how he was at fault for that Spurs’ goal as was the implication. Didn’t seem to me to be much of a back line lapse there.

    Actually this was far better a first half than City has usually had on offer this year. Second halves have been far livelier. Silva looking quite good after a month out, which he needed.

    But big up to the Spurs obviously if they can pull off two wins in Manchester this year.

    1. It’s consistently his inability to get down…. Freezal doing the laundry at home clearly has never happened for fear he comes out in hives when confronted with a clean sheet..

      1. BET 365 is the place to spend your money. it’ll help fund the signing of a left sided, defensive midfielder who will be played at right back.

      1. I don’t think Brad had a bad match. Some excellent saves, but you do wonder if a young Hugo mightn’t have made those and stopped a goal as well.

  4. Very nice work by Maicon, who I’d feared was washed-up.

    Keep collecting those points, fellas! Still ahead of the corresponding League fixtures from last year.

    No offense to Spurs, who I quite like, but they did not impress me at all today. Seemed to play a bit safe with the lead. Worked against United, but not how I would have worked against that carousel City is running at the back this year.

    1. And by the way, how does this match look with the two handballs on Spurs in the penalty area that should have been called? Officiating is part of the game, but c’mon now. I’d be a bit salty without getting three points from this.

    2. looks like spurs went expecting to counter attack, little surprise silva makes an impact on his return, he is a class player, the only rubbish i think city have is Milner and Zabaleta, aside form that the squad is ridiculous, but then again, it does pay the highest wages so that the reward.

      Im sure you will end up with Falcao after selling Balotelli in Jan.

      i hate dzeco, sick of him scoring against us.

  5. The fact all that money only buys a close 2-1 win against an injured spurs side at etihad is sad.

    Top 3 positions taken by clubs that spend 20 million plus on players without even thinking about it. It’s not really a surprise

    1. “Top 3 positions taken by clubs that spend 20 million plus on players without even thinking about it”

      Hmm… In the last 10 seasons Manchester United spent £20M+ on only three players – Rooney, Berbatov, and RVP. Though some may say that Berbatov buy was a flop there is no argument that Rooney and RVP is money extremely well spent.

      1. My point isn’t the value or amount of times they have done it, it’s the fact they have those resources and that many quality players in there squads, also how much was Nani?

        Man Utd have spent less than the other 2. But the statement is still true, apparently Mancini will out bid Chelsea & Real Madrid for falcao and pay 50 million. Spurs highest is modric @ 16m

        1. Nani was bought for 13.5M in 07. My point is that 20M+ buy is relatively rare for United and it is about readiness to spend when it matters. Btw if you look at United and Spurs expenditure in the last 5 seasons it is not that different.

          MU/Spurs: 50m/57m, 52m/8m, 27m/32m, 21m/87m, 35m/48m.

          1. Who the hell did spurs spend 87 million on 2 years ago, i think your figures are of the madoff variety. the 52m/8m seems right.

          2. Season 08/09
            Vedran Corluka £8,500,000
            Heurelho Gomes £10,000,000
            Robbie Keane £12,000,000
            Wilson Palacios £12,000,000
            Roman Pavlyuchenko £14,000,000
            David Bentley £15,000,000
            Pascal Chimbonda £8,000,000
            Cesar Sanchez £7,500,000

          3. I was right those players are ‘Madoff’ deal quality players. I quite rightly forgot about 5 of those, thanks for stirring up bitter emotions…

            I think those deals are structured in payment plan style, but even so…bbbrrrrrgghhhh

            whats up with the hindsight app, its not done yet?

            I think that was Camoli right….

          4. Not trying to rub it in but here is another interesting piece of Spurs transfer dealings. They bought Keane and Defoe twice for total amount of 23m and 22m respectively.

            Bottom line in the last 5-6 seasons Spurs spent around £300m on players and only managed to build a squad that can barely compete for 4th spot finish.

          5. LOL its not 300 million and when you include sales we have made a profit. Plus you add the wage structure.

            whats MCFC and CFC expenditure on players in 5 seasons?

          6. it 202 million for spurs and we sold 199 million in that same period. Look at the following table

            Net Spend last 5 Years 3 figures as followed

            Purchased Gross
            Nett Per Season

            1 Manchester City £537,450,000 £130,300,000 £407,150,000

            2 Chelsea £309,300,000 £77,600,000 £231,700,000

            3 Stoke City £83,825,000 £8,650,000 £75,175,000

            4 Aston Villa £159,100,000 £89,350,000 £69,750,000

            5 Manchester United £186,850,000 £124,800,000 £62,050,000

            6 Liverpool £241,150,000 £192,050,000 £49,100,000

            7 QPR £47,000,000 £850,000 £46,150,000

            8 Sunderland £123,900,000 £87,550,000 £36,350,000

            9 West Ham £81,150,000 £54,800,000 £26,350,000

            10 Southampton £33,450,000 £14,600,000 £18,850,000

            11 Norwich City £17,050,000 £1,100,000 £15,950,000

            12 West Bromwich Albion £38,725,000 £24,810,000 £13,915,000

            15 Fulham £52,800,000 £39,700,000 £13,100,000

            14 Tottenham £202,700,000 £199,550,000 £3,150,000

            15 Swansea £27,980,000 £29,860,000 -£1,880,000

            16 Wigan £47,100,000 £59,250,000 -£12,150,000

            17 Everton £60,500,500 £75,816,000 -£15,315,500

            18 Reading £9,200,000 £25,850,000 -£16,650,000

            19 Newcastle £73,250,000 £109,550,000 -£36,300,000

            20 Arsenal £137,400,000 £182,400,000 -£45,000,000

            I got these from here

      2. here are the figures ranking with Nett Spend 03/04 – 12/13
        1st Purchased Gross
        2nd Sold
        3rd Nett
        4th Per Season average

        1 Chelsea £687,000,000 £160,000,000 £527,000,000 £52,700,000

        2 Manchester City £605,220,000 £170,400,000 £434,820,000 £43,482,000

        3 Liverpool £422,380,000 £264,580,000 £157,800,000 £15,780,000

        4 Manchester United £367,250,000 £238,850,000 £128,400,000 £12,840,000

        5 Aston Villa £214,850,000 £108,375,000 £106,475,000 £10,647,500

        6 Tottenham £365,400,000 £267,550,000 £97,850,000 £9,785,000

        7 Stoke City £88,670,000 £15,595,000 £73,075,000 £7,307,500

        8 Sunderland £180,280,000 £109,950,000 £70,330,000 £7,033,000

        9 QPR £53,350,000 £2,650,000 £50,700,000 £5,070,000

        10 West Ham £143,880,000 £108,225,000 £35,655,000 £3,565,500

        11 West Bromwich Albion £80,485,000 £50,990,000 £29,495,000 £2,949,500

        12 Fulham £96,080,000 £68,745,000 £27,335,000 £2,733,500

        15 Norwich City £28,350,000 £17,410,000 £10,940,000 £1,094,000

        14 Everton £128,050,500 £122,416,000 £5,634,500 £563,450

        15 Newcastle £168,100,000 £164,200,000 £3,900,000 £390,000

        16 Swansea £29,470,000 £27,325,000 £2,145,000 £214,500

        17 Wigan £88,865,000 £89,000,000 -£135,000 -£13,500

        18 Reading £20,120,000 £28,550,000 -£8,430,000 -£843,000

        19 Southampton £52,765,000 £60,150,000 -£7,385,000 -£738,500

        20 Arsenal £244,200,000 £267,770,000 -£23,570,000 -£2,357,000

        again the same source:

        1. I think you are missing the point. If you want to compete in profitability you are not going to beat Arsenal. However, according to your link Spurs spent £365M just two millions less then Manchester United. This is amount of money that was available to build the squad regardless of the source. No doubt Chelsea and City are ahead of the pack but Spurs are right there among the biggest spenders. I must say that ROI has been abysmal for Spurs in terms of the success on the field.

          1. Im not missing the point the above is 10 years, not for the previous 5 years that IS 202m on the site.

            As for “competing with arsenal” if its a trophy count for the last 5 years then its Spurs 1 Arsenal 0.

            if you are talking about revenue and brand exposure then yes yes, arsenal have more success because of consistent champions league but in the last 5 seasons, they have won nothing.

            who has WON the BPL, Champions League, FA, cups, etc…SILVERWARE! the last 5,6,7,8,9 years? the top 4 spending clubs is what MY original post was.

            Unfortunately for LFC no league title, bu tthey di

          2. The bigger thing is, Fans DONT care where the money comes from if it doesn’t effect them directly, they don’t care at all, i’m sure chelsea and city fans could care less about the balance sheet as long as he club doesn’t go into Glasgow Rangers mode.MCFC, MUFC, CFC win trophies end of because they throw money at it. Wengers way hasn’t worked in 8 years, so who cares how profitable they are without trophies?

    2. The better side won i don’t know what ypu saw was close one team came to defend for their lives not win a match! you had two shots on target tried wasting as much time as possible and have spent an absolute fortune on the team yet are trying to portray them up like Swansea the places below should be taken up by those that spend £15m on player without thinking about it but they’re not they’re held by Everton, West Brom and West Ham all have spent a fraction of what your team has yet here you are giving it out about city again even though your team is probably the 4th biggest spender! Priceless lol.

  6. @jtm @ian

    Thanks, I was foolish to buy into the hope, especially with no Démbèle, a crocked walker and a Dempsey start. But that’s what fans do, shame bale didn’t show.

    The squad available to AVB is just not good enough to crack top 3. It just isn’t, and fourth doesn’t garunteed anything.

    My ONLY AVB question outside of freezal is why no just bring in Naughton for Walker instead of Dawson and pushing out gallas, then bringing on Naughton for Lennon.

    Oh well, a shame…. Onwards & upwards, still in 6th and onto farcenal next sat

    1. Dust
      i think you would feel better if yesterday you hammered the gunners for their display instead of not trying to anger the karma god.

  7. Chelski will win and it could get messy (4-0).

    What is interesting is the Director General of the bbc resigns over a programs bad journalism saying its the ‘honorable’ thing to do.

    Chrlsea keep terry as captain after he admitting the use of racist language and being deemed unfit to continue as England captain by the FA..

    I guess Chelsea have no honor.

    1. Dust
      now that is the Dust i remember and love bring the fire.

      if terry is out the rest of the year i will not shed a tear and might even think justice has been served.just saying

    1. Guy see if anybody’s got any Cider on.

      I met a fella from Sacramento this week, he’d never had it before and really fell for it. I met him on a brewery tour so we had a good natter.

    1. Neither did I but its a long season and plenty of Football to play. I’m shaking my head that Mata missed at the end of the first half.

      1. Yeah, CFC had the chances to put the game away, hazard was quiet. Torres is proving to have been overvalued by about 50 million pounds.

        It looks like a three club race for the title, with 3 clubs fighting for 4th only to be disappointed by man Utd winning the bloody champions league at wembley.

  8. If spurs finish 4 & win a trophy that will be an improvement, iactually we could finish in the top 6 and win a trophy, I would take that in this year.

  9. Odds on Guy getting wrecked here?

    Its for charity so I hope he has a bad head tomorrow!

    Looks a quality event, I’d love to get over there and sample some of your beers. The bloke from Sacremento made it sound worth the trip.

    I’d have to try and get the Sounders or Timbers into my journey just to see what the atmosphere’s like.

    Still fleshing out my EPL Tailored Tours project – I could include a few brewery and real ale tours if you were that way inclined ;-0 You’d have to be pissed to watch Stoke.

    1. Yeah, that’s the link. Back. Ha! my head is perfectly……well, whatever. Left before my next to last beer! Great event!

      ICK….had Angry Orchard cider and two Woodchucks. Their Reserve Ginger would make a cider drinker out of anybody.

      Tomorrow will be a lay back for sure. Good thing I am “unemployed”. 😉

  10. I’m starting to wonder what I even watch soccer for. I’ve rooted for Spurs for a while but what’s the point? They’re not going to ever win the league.

    What exactly am I rooting for?

    1. David, you need to rethink your priorities. I’m a Stoke fan. Do I think we are going to win the league? Of course not, but that is exactly the point. I love underdogs, so Stoke is my perfect team.

      Stick with Spurs no matter what, otherwise you just become another wanderer looking for success first and and rationalizatioin afterwards.

    2. LOL…you cant say never! LOL but if you want to support a club because they win, then don’t support any uk clubs, pick form the following, Barca, Real Madrid, or Bayern Munich.

      The BPL is going to go through a transition in the next few years, SAF retiring, FFP, it could be the end of 1 team dominating in the BPL. so just chose one of those teams I mentioned above and you will be fine for trophies.

    3. David G
      don’t throw away your memories because of a bad could pick a new side and they might win a piece of silver but it won’t mean a damn to you because you have no ties to that glad your side is in the EPL and not fighting to stay in the Championship division.

      1. I’d never follow another team, I’m just starting to wonder what exactly I’m rooting for and why I care about wins/losses so much.

        Ultimately Tottenham will never win the Premier League. Spurs goal is to in 10 years time be where Arsenal is at (with stadium built and mostly paid off)…

        and look at Arsenal. They have almost no chance at winning a title and the competition (United, Oil $) keep getting father in the distance.

        It’s like a non-win rooting for a team like Arsenal or Spurs

        Any loss to the club below a top 5 or 6 club is painful because, being a top 4 club means you shouldn’t be losing to Wigan or Norwhich, but on the other hand like the other 17 clubs in the premier league they have no real chance of winning the title with their current ownership.

        If I did follow a team like Stoke for example at least wins are fun and losses are just well yeah we’re Stoke we’re not going to win every game.

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