Southampton Boss Nigel Adkins Says He is Favorite to be Sacked: The Daily EPL

You have to admire Southampton manager Nigel Adkins for coming out and saying that he’s the favorite to be the first Premier League boss to get sacked this season. Typically managers under pressure will go on the defensive and will keep uttering cliches about taking it from game to game, etcetera. But not Adkins.

Interestingly, Adkins’ remarks should take the pressure off a little since the press now won’t keep on piling on the pressure. Southampton’s next match is a must-win home game against Swansea on Saturday.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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2 thoughts on “Southampton Boss Nigel Adkins Says He is Favorite to be Sacked: The Daily EPL”

  1. I appreciate his candor but I hope he is wrong. Southampton aren’t my club but I find them refreshing and Adkins has a lot to do with their success.

    Let’s not forget 18 months ago Southampton were playing in League One. They commendably play a skilled and attacking brand of football but lacking players with top flight experience might be in over their heads right now. They’ve also had a grueling schedule to start the season.

    They are a team that is capable of scoring goals and as they reach more a favorable part of the fixture list I can see them picking up a few wins. Or they could very easily be back in the Championship next season.

    Either way it would be foolish to sack Adkins. He has brought them this far quicker than expected and done so with a minimal amount of cynicism.

    1. I agree. Southampton fans should be more appreciative of all the good he’s done for them throughout his tenure rather than focus only on the negative recent past. You can’t expect him to be a perfect manager, can you?

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