Sir Alex Ferguson ‘Convinced’ Mark Clattenburg is Innocent: The Daily EPL

Trust Sir Alex Ferguson to stir up some trouble and to put more pressure on Chelsea Football Club, the team that sits atop the Premier League table. Ferguson has come out today and said that he’s convinced that Mark Clattenburg is innocent — i.e. that Chelsea is lying. Who knows what may happen after this whole ugly incident blows over? Could Chelsea be penalized? If so, The FA may want to thank Fergue.

In addition to Ferguson, Arsene Wenger came out yesterday and slated Chelsea over the Mark Clattenburg controversy, piling more pressure on the Stamford Bridge hierarchy.

Here are the Premier League news headlines today:

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21 thoughts on “Sir Alex Ferguson ‘Convinced’ Mark Clattenburg is Innocent: The Daily EPL”


  2. Fergie is just being Fergie and trying to use the incident to his advantage. It’s a no lose situation for united as it will show the referees that he supports them. I’d say this show of support is worth at least 5-6 dodgy penalties for the remainder of the season.

  3. Chelsea has created this controversy and now EPL Managers are coming out to defend Mark Clattenburg. Ramires said he heard the word “monkey” directed at Mikel, which according to the papers Mikel didn’t notice. Ramires can barely speak English so how he suddenly obtained a crystal clear understanding of the language looks extremely doubtful. The police complaint wouldn’t have happened without the approval of Abramovitch’s inner circle. It took them a few days and the whole issue looks like a very transparent sour grapes.

    No wonder Fergie is using it to his advantage. Live by the sword and you die by the sword.

  4. the Clattenburg deal is going to blow up big time and chelski is going to be left holding the bag.dropping the ball with the terry fiasco,throwing coins at MUFC players and injuring one of the stewards, and their monkey fan in the front row.the best they could do now is to withdraw their complaint and hope it dies away.

    1. This is such a ridiculous situation. I don’t normally agree with SAF, but this time i feel exactly the same way he does.
      When you look at the record of the Ref compared with Chelsea’s history and previous as well as chelsea’s conduct of their players during the game and their fans, and you have to come to the conclusion that chelsea are a JOKE.

      I hope that when found innocent Clattenburg sue’s for defamation of character. we all now the world and even if found to be innocent his Reputation will be tarnished, chelsea fans will sing about him being a racist… Clattengburg will never be able to ref a chelsea game again, which is just ridiculous.

      It just seems so insane that any ref on any game let alone a televised game between Man Utd and Chelsea would cus at any player let alone call a black player a monkey. It is just so bizarre and unconscionable.

      1. Well, referees have emotions which can be stretched to their limits too. Like any other person, they are capable of saying rash things or committing rash acts in the spur of the moment, without thinking of the consequences. So I believe it is untrue to say that the allegations of abuse against him are impossible.(whether racial or not)

      2. I could see a ref dropping a f-bomb but racially abusing TWO players is highly unlikely. I’m glad managers are speaking out on Clattenburgs behalf and hopefully fans of every team other than the russian rent boys will voice their support as well this weekend.

  5. Not one person who has publicly said anything knows any details at all about this.

    Here we have people: press, pundits, people in football etc, who always question why authorities seemingly never get anything right and yet here they are jumping to conclusions based on NOTHING factual just hearsay.

    If Chelsea are wrong, resignations are in order, the club will be reprimanded and rightly so. But that’s not what a lot of people want and thus we get the coverage we’re getting right now.

    1. It is hardly surprising isn’t it? When Luis Suarez and JT scandals broke last season they were immediatelly labeled racists by media, pundits and unfortunately some posters on this forum even before the facts were known. I’m not defending the conduct of these two players just saying that this reaction is simply business as usual.

      As for Chelsea actions I don’t quite get what everyone blaming them thinks what the club should have done. Their players reported alleged abuse after the game. By the rules Chelsea had to report it to the FA and they did. Then they conducted internal investigation and concluded that there was ‘enough evidence’ to file a complaint. So what is wrong with that? What would be suggested alternative course of action?

      Are Chelsea hypocritical because of the way they handled JT situation? Perhaps, at least in the mind of many it seems. However, it is easy to rant anonymously on the forums and over the internet about what Chelsea should have done without having to deal with the consequences of your recommendations. Chelsea on the other hand as a company that employs JT is bound by the magistrate court ruling that found JT not guilty. To use an analogy can your employer fire or demote you on the grounds of a criminal conduct even if you are found not guilty in the court of law simply because they don’t agree with the ruling or think that inaction may tarnish their reputation?

      1. There remains the distinct possibility Chelsea tried to take revenge on a referee that cost them three points and then acted too readily on an accusation that did not originate from the victim. The term “monkey” is clearly used by Eastern Bloc morons to abuse black players. I think we can all verify this by the number of newspaper reports and U Tube videos. In the UK racial abuse is more in line with what John Terry said.
        The Chelsea, Chief Executive Ron Gourley reported the incident. Gourley acts without hesitation upon the orders of his boss Abramovitch, such as when he fired Ancelotti in a corridor at Everton. Unless there is some killer fact Chelsea are hiding, their chances at proving the case are not promising. They rushed the racial element into the public domain within two hours and now they are playing a high stakes game that could shred their reputation. Not that Abramovitch cares about his image or reputation. After all players and managers are totally expendable to him.

          1. maybe wait 24 hrs and let everyone clear their head and think rationally.let’s just say Clattenburg is innocent where does he go to get his good name back?just wondering

  6. * But that’s not what a lot of people want and thus we get the coverage we’re getting right now.

    What I mean by that is their is a clear bias right now and the wait for answers opens a nice void for this kind of coverage. Innuendo and rumor.

    1. maybe it has something to do with the hypocrisy over the way chelski handled the terry racism affair.your actions speak louder then what you say.i also blame the FA for not giving terry 8 match ban also the team i cheer for is in the championship division so i have no dog in this fight.

      1. The actions of Ferguson, Wenger and Warnock and the press speaking about this matter without FACTS is foolish.

        Chelsea have put themselves in the position of not getting the benefit of the doubt which is a totally fair view to have.

        However, whatever bias against CFC anyone has should not allow jumping to conclusions. Too late though.

  7. No time for Fergy Time

    this guy needs to just shut up and coach his team-I’m so sick of his constant musings on everything on the planet. The guy knows 1 thing how to coach soccer, everything else stfu

    1. reporters ask so he answers, he doesn’t sit everyone around and just give his thoughts, but because he is the most successful manager in english league history, his answers make the news columns.

      I rarely agree with SAF but I think a manager of his high profile coming out to defend a ref is a good thing.

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