Referees Have Held Talks About Not Taking Charge of Chelsea Games and Even Discussed Strike: The Nightly EPL

The Sun has an exclusive story tonight that referee officials have already held talks about not taking charge of Chelsea games and have even discussed strike action in response to the club claiming that referee Mark Clattenburg has made racist remarks.

Hopefully the officials will not strike, but the sooner this particular case is resolved, the better. The last thing we need is for the case to drag on.

Here are the Premier League news headlines tonight:

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33 thoughts on “Referees Have Held Talks About Not Taking Charge of Chelsea Games and Even Discussed Strike: The Nightly EPL”

  1. sorry Chelsea fans this story is not going to end well for you.i hope Clattenburg sues the club for whatever he can.i don’t think i would put my reputation on two people who’s native language is not English.the claim about the Spanish t**t/Mata has been dropped their claim is just the Mikel claim.

      1. oh i see there is only one side to a story.when you don’t have a open mind you fall back to name calling.ENJOY! we will see how this will all play out when your wrong i am sure you will all come back and apologize for the name calling.don’t worry i won’t hold my breath.

    1. I am sorry to say this jtm371, but your talking crap. If Chelsea feel obi Mikel had a racist remark said at him, then they have every right to complain. Why should refs get away with things and not the players. They make enough mistakes in a game that could cost a team relegation. So be careful wht u say if it was another club that complained about one of their players being racially abused ie Arsenal and Manchester United along with Leeds wht would their managers do the same thing. It comes to same old thing because its Chelsea everbody wants to see them sued. I just hope the F.A do right on Mr Clantanberg if not it could be Roman doing the sueing.
      CFC FOR LIFE!!

  2. Dear oh dear… Since when are refs above the law! Evra has as much understanding of English as Ramires…so why is Ramires evidence less so then anyone else’s. We Know What We Are… That’s what URK’s all none Chelsea Supporters who support Scum U, The Arse and the bindippers. Chelsea have stood on their own feet since 1956 since the FA displayed its first Anti Chelsea bias and the following year with Support for the scum of the north and that bias is still going on today with scum u Mr Gill sitting on the FA Board and Refs selection commitee.

  3. I’d like to read about the referees talking of boycotting Chelsea games, but I can’t read an article from the piece of utter sh*t known as the S*n. Oh well.

  4. we dont know whether Clattenburg said the racist remark or not. Will they still striker if the allegation are true?? they cannot be this stupid.

  5. Referees are spoiling Epl, they seem to have been accorded too much power. Let them go on strike, foreign referees are looking for job

  6. The decision of the Ref to go on strike could be fine for them without considering both sides of the coin and forgetting that there was exchange of words between the two….Unless if they accept racism…then just ok and fine. Sir Ferguson support the Ref Coz his decision has favored him in the match, why should he run away from someone who supported his team and influence result for his Team.

    Let us all accept the right things and refused the wrong if we all need justice.

  7. who at all is Ferguson, man u never won matches against Chelsea on a good note. the referees can go on strike and will get refs in Ghana to get the job.

      1. We don’t care for the referees decision,all we care is our right for cheating blues over decades.if they like they shouldn’t even stop @̤̥̣̈̊̇ strike alone.they should go to hell.we stand to fight for our right.

  8. If refs decide to boycoot Chelsea matches i think they have right to do so afterall Didier Drogba had been scoring offside goals against ManU for many seasons and Chelsea have been winning FA Cup through Liverpool disallowed goal while Spurs had been hedged out of FA completion without any noise. Capital One match betweeeb ManU and Chelsea shows without Hazard, Mata and Oscar, Chelsea are finished. In fact, nobody saw all these!

    1. You must be very stupid tunde, u’ve no sales, ve u died when fergie was d master minder of all bais since all dis, remember when he played asene wenger 3 season ago, when d ref gave wenger red card cos of a little complaint, fergie also called on ref 2 send him away””””””’say d truth and let devil be ashame u dis MORON bunch crazy 4k u TUNDE

    2. Just like united are nothing without Rooney!!! and Liverpool’s disallowed ‘goal’ was not significant to the final result. You are an ignorrant fool, drogba scrored but 1 offside goal againts united, so it’s not ‘many years’. United are favoured by refs and there is no denying that!

  9. you sound like an Idiot. A big one ofcos for. Racists like your type need to be in the jungle feeding on earthworms. FOOL.

    1. Tunde you are wrong,when did you start watching eauropean league? Man U̶̲̥̅̊nited are cheaters,inrespect to mata,Hazard and oscar ƔέƧ that’s why we bought them to change our game to the modern football,to win with our sweat not by bias or favour.pls go mkt make ά shopping,u̶̲̥̅̊

  10. Hell cattenbug for spoiling a very gud game of football.We show it.Am a MANU FAN but i dont mind if we loose in a gud game.Ref spoilt everything that day althou we won.

  11. What clattenburg did on Sunday evening s unfear he av spoiled football Career he deserve discipline or sack from his job. I taught that they r nt partice corruption in England i dnt nw dt dere s head of corruption, n hw are dey going 2 allow man u CEO 2 b part of FA advice whic s unfear let b realistic whic our self wat man u r doing in England no club s doing dt i mean dey r favouring man u n in case of fergie we r human being fergie he 2 support referee 4 wat he did 2 him n one thing dt i understand 4rm fergie he s nt God fearing n he s stupid man, n in case Arse wenger if u r d one in chelsea shoe 4 wat d referee did r u going feel hapi ????

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