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SAT, 2:30PM ET

beIN SPORT to Be Distributed On Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks

bein sport logo beIN SPORT to Be Distributed On Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks

beIN SPORT today announced it will be carried by Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.

Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks will offer the network in English and a separate network in Spanish on TV and on demand. Additionally, both networks will be made available to authenticated subscribers through the TWC TV website ( and applications inside the home as well as through Bright House Networks BHTV app and through beIN SPORT’s website ( and applications inside and outside the home.

Availability of both channels will vary by market.

“U.S. international sports fans are underserved and beIN SPORT fulfills that need. Our original programming and vast, exclusive coverage is designed to meet the desire of viewers to ‘be in’ the game and be involved in the international sports community,” said Yousef Al Obaidly, managing director of beIN SPORT. “We are excited to offer Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks customers the unmatched play of international competition captured only on beIN SPORT.”

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19 Responses to beIN SPORT to Be Distributed On Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks

  1. Olivier says:

    Any indication as to when they will launch a streaming platform? This should be a priority.
    Even if they get more distribution, it won’t solve the real problem that most of soccer fans are facing right now: we can’t follow our team as we used to with foxsoccer2go.
    Bein’s programming is not consistent across the leagues they cover. They show on average 4/5 Liga games, 1/2 Serie A and 0/1 Ligue 1 games LIVE every weekend. Either they open more channels (not a trend in the US apparently) or they have to provide a streaming option.

    • The Gaffer says:

      No news on a streaming option yet other than it’s in the works. You’ll have to subscribe to beIN SPORT on cable or satellite, though, to have access to their streaming package.

      The Gaffer

  2. dano328 says:

    I have beIN now. No more complaining from me.

  3. dano328 says:

    It happened suddenly. I saw the tweet from Grant Wahl this morning. The stories said it would vary by market. I called Time Warner Austin, assuming I would have to wait longer for the local manager to get on board. They told me to check channel 443 and there it was. What about HD?They said channel 1595 and boom.

  4. brn442 says:

    It’s a start but it’s not good enough. I, like most cable subscribers in the US (roughly 1/2 of NYC) don’t have TW, I don’t have a choice of who my provider is.

  5. bostonirish8 says:

    Hey wonder is someone could answer me a question about BeIn

    I have Comcast cable here in Boston and I recently realized I have BeIn on channel 726. Its just weird because the matches are called in English but the commercials and certain highlight shows are in Spanish. I’m confused and wondering if this is the English BeIn sports or the Spanish channel they offer. And I’m wondering if there’s an HD option as well? appreciate any help, cheers

    • Flooz and beANs says:

      Comcast only offers beIN Sport en Espanol, but with English SAP.

      • bostonirish8 says:

        All the matches tho have English Commentators. All the Serie A, LaLiga have commentators like Phil Shoen and Ray Hudson. Yet the commercials and the previews for the upcoming games are in Spanish. I’m not complaining its great to watch more football just thought it was weird that I’m getting all the games called in English on BeIn’s Spanish chanel.

  6. will says:


    On Bein spanish it has SAP. The games are broadcasted in both languages, but the rest of the stuff including commercials are in spanish. Its not weird at all its how they made it.

    • bostonirish8 says:

      Thanks for the help, didn’t know it worked like that. Like I said I’m just happy I found this new channel with two great leagues to watch on the weekends.

  7. mark says:

    Still waiting for Cox to carry BeIn. Hope they do so quickly as I miss la Liga and Serie A.

  8. A. Lopez says:

    so has beIN SPORT been launched yet or do we still have to wait.

  9. Kobashi says:

    @A. Lopez: Some Time Warner/Brighthouse operators have launched the channels others have not. I noticed beIN Sport around 7:30a on Friday Morning. My buddy who has TWC in LA hasn’t had his channels turned on yet. It’s a market by market launch. I would guess you should have it available to you within the next couple of weeks to even the next couple of days. It should happen relatively soon if your TWC/BH operator has a lot of bandwidth to carry HD channels.

    beIN, La Liga, and Serie A are pretty big winners coming out of the Premier League TV rights deal as they will have more soccer fan eyeballs after 3p on Saturday afternoons and 1p on Sunday’s in terms of having soccer on TV. It doesn’t seem likely that NBC Sports would re-air games after they have aired on the weekends after the live Prem games end.

    I just got beIN Sports this week being a Brighthouse customer and I’ve been really impressed. I wish that the Spanish version that can be adjusted to get the English commentary came with the Sports Pass that Brighthouse offers but you have to get buy Spanish package to get it. It’s so nice to have La Liga and Serie A back in my life again.

    • dano328 says:

      My market is carrying four beIN: English SD, Spanish SD, English and Spanish in HD. I feel lucky compared to other comments I am seeing. At the sametime, I made no less than 15 phone calls to TWC since beIN launched in August. They told me the more phone calls, the more likely. I felt it was a “disruption of service” since last year many of those games were on Fox Soccer Plus and GolTV.

      The resentment people have towards beIN, including myself until Friday, is just. They purchased these valuable assets without distribution in place. Making a deal with TWC probably quadrupled their reach. Hopefully the other cable companies will follow.

      I am impressed with their content, including their short highlight show, The Express. I have yet to see a commercial, besides their promo. This probably won’t last. It doesn’t seem they need to make a profit. Others have commented that its more about Wealth Management than profit.

  10. A. Lopez says:

    I would expect that I would have it soon because I’m in new you. And thanks for the information.

  11. A. Lopez says:

    New York I meant

  12. dano328 says:

    The news show “The Global Game” on beIN is top drawer. Seems like its a UK based program.

  13. NCGabe says:

    It’s on TWC North Carolina now too… Raleigh area… SD on 543 and HD on 1543…

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