Chelsea Launch Probe After Photo Appears to Show Chelsea Fan Making a Monkey Gesture: The Daily EPL

Any apparent racial remark or gesture is under the microscope in the Premier League nowadays particularly after the events of the past 12 months involving numerous different incidents. And now, a new scandal has emerged after a Chelsea fan apparently made a monkey gesture at Manchester United’s Danny Welbeck in last night’s League Cup game.

Chelsea has launched an investigation, which will most probably result in a lifetime ban for the supporter, as well as a call by the club for fans to behave themselves (and for fellow fans to report similar incidents to the club).

Here are the Premier League news headlines today:

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16 thoughts on “Chelsea Launch Probe After Photo Appears to Show Chelsea Fan Making a Monkey Gesture: The Daily EPL”

  1. That Futfanatico article seemed forget the $4.7 billion 3 year UK TV rights for the EPL and that the EPL still hasn’t finished negotiating the rest of the foreign TV rights, but that will still fall short of the $27 billion 9 year NFL deal.

    1. Very fair point – I was trying to look at how MLS has grown more so than trying to say the EPL is short on cash :)

      The EPL also signed a lucrative Canada broadcasting rights recently. It begs the question – if their average salary is comparable to or below the NHL and NBA, then why doesn’t all the TV money put them in the black?

      1. Because they have to pay player’s wages and they have to pay for transfers because European sports for some reason don’t like to just trade players like in US sports.

  2. Not being able to watch yesterday’s game apparently was a blessing in disguise apparently the defense performance led by Dawson in the last 10 minutes was a real Halloween horror affair.

    7 changes to the team show its not really a priority and I’m ok with that.

    So the Chelsea fan will get a 4 Game ban then, unless he is one of the fans throwing objects atman Utd players and injuring s Chelsea steward they will get 8 game ban? I’m sure american chelsea fans are not this way, but sorry, until you have been to games in england and seen and heard Chelsea fans its difficult to understand but this IS typical of them. No class.

    1. I agree that when this guy is caught should get a life time ban. Umm Dust you support a club with supporters who abused Adelbayor and Sagna who just broke his ankle cheered and Pompey police are looking for the Spurs fans who racially abused Sol Campbell when he played for Pompey. I remember when Spurs were great at a moments silence at Stamford Bridge or when Muamba was sick so Dust please when in glass houses don’t throw bricks.

      1. Sacto, I understand why you are offended by my assertion and why you are defending chelsea.
        It’s only right you defend your club’s fan base, but in no way shape or form is the idiot contingent at Spurs even remotely as frequent, vile or present as at Chelsea, I went for many many years to games home and away, and have experienced it.

        (The imaginary chelsea smilers and very real Chelsea headhunters are prime example’s of that culture. Why do you think Chelsea are so prominent in hooligan movies like football factory?)

        Yes there are idiots everywhere, including at Spurs. However, The Chelsea fans at these games in london, are IMO far far far worse than any other premier league fanbase IMO.

        I have also seen at first hand sections of Idiot Spurs fans. e.g. back in the early 90’s, (I’m getting on and my old programs are in storage) I was at plough lane (a pig of a ground, absolutely horrid) watching Spurs play Wimbledon. Alan Cork had just gone up for a header (from a corner I think) in front of the away end , and smacked his head and either on the crossbar or another players head, a small contingent of idiot spurs fans started chanting “let him die, let him die” (the same melody of engerland, engerland, engerland) when he was on his back knocked out and being seen to.

        The group I was with including myself then proceeded to confront those supposed Spurs fans telling them to in no uncertain terms STOP(use your imagination), etc.., this was obviously not well received by the idiot spurs fans but they had no choice as all immediate fans around the idiots also chimed it and it stopped.

        So as you can read above I am fully aware of the Spurs idiot contingent, but I can tell you from first hand experience, the Chelsea fan base in London IS in a different sphere altogether!

        From 1991 – 2001 being a season ticket holder at the Paxton Road end, I did not hear 1 single racist chant, nor did I see any racists gestures.

        I could give you many many examples and stories from that time of Chelsea but they seem to be doing a good enough job on their own.

        Until you go an experience it (like I said) it is hard to explain. IMO only Millwall or Leeds have it worse worse I think.

        Its not pleasant to think the club you love has these elements and in such numbers but that is the reality of chelsea, in-spite of their current high profile (not including terry, cole and torres recent actions).

  3. What that idiot that calls himself a Chelsea fan did was shameful and should be banned. The one thing I find odd though is that there is barely any mention of the firework that was thrown on the pitch from the ManU end after Luiz scored.

    Sky Sports has video of it at the 56 second mark of this video:,,26896,00.html

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