League Cup, Fourth Round Open Thread: Chelsea vs Man Utd, Liverpool vs Swansea, Norwich vs Spurs

That’s what I get for not setting up an open thread for yesterday’s Capital One Cup matches — a thriller between Reading and Arsenal, and plenty of upsets in the League Cup.

I won’t be making that mistake again, so no pressure Chelsea and Manchester United, but we expect to see another 12 goal thriller today.

After all of the kerfuffle from Sunday’s match between Chelsea and Manchester United, let’s hope today’s game is focused on the football on the pitch instead of issues with referees, poor decisions and stewards getting hit. No promises though.

In the other matches, we have Norwich against Tottenham Hotspur, which should be a very entertaining encounter as well as Liverpool against Swansea at Anfield. That one should be a walk in the park for Liverpool with Swansea resting some key players.

For readers in the United States, beIN SPORT is showing Chelsea vs Manchester United at 3:45pm ET.

You know the drill. Post your conversations about the matches in the comments section below.

Happy Halloween!

14 thoughts on “League Cup, Fourth Round Open Thread: Chelsea vs Man Utd, Liverpool vs Swansea, Norwich vs Spurs”

      1. beIN español on Comcast has the Chelsea v utd game listed here in Philly, hopefully it’s the Micky mouse cup and not the league game.

  1. Good win for Chelsea over Man Utd today.

    Hopefully both teams won’t be too exhausted by the today’s long game and have lingering effects into the weekend. Midweek games are hard enough, but when you add in extra time, that makes things a lot more tricky. While the Capital One Cup is an interesting competition, I’d hate to see it affect the larger prize for the Premiership title.

  2. MASSIVE win tonight for Swansea against Liverpool at Anfield. To beat Liverpool is one thing. To beat Brendan Rodgers at his own game is another thing entirely with a squad that cost a small portion compared to the Liverpool squad.

    Congratulations to Swansea. A well deserved 3-1 victory. The Swans are now in the quarter-finals of the League Cup for the first time in their history.

    The Gaffer

    1. congrats to all Swans fans great win for you and hope you win the Cup!

      I hope for you this is a road map for a win on 25/11/12 i believe you will be in attendance.

    2. Good match from Swansea. Michu is lots of fun to watch.

      The match also exposed Liverpool’s glaring lack of depth. Yesil clearly isn’t ready, and Joe Cole is a massive waste of money and a roster spot.

  3. Cannot believe they are having the clowns in Miami doing commentary for this match. This is why I cannot stand to watch anything on BeIN and will continue to find online options

  4. This was probably Liverpool’s only chance at some silverware and Brendon Rodgers blew it with his selection. If he thinks resting players because the league is more “impotent” then I can’t quite understand his logic. Are they a top four team? hell no! at best somewhere around tenth if they’re lucky. But well done Swansea. You thrashed them. It always makes me feel good when a team I used to see from time to time years ago play my team in the lower reaches (who are still there)make something of themselves.

    Brendon Rodgers talks a good game but that is now wearing pretty thin with the Liverpool supporters. I listened to a bunch on Andy Goldstein’s “Sports Bar” last night (which is a brilliant show btw) and they were not happy. Especially when Rodgers made the strange statement that “Joe Allen was alone in midfield”

    1. I watched the game at Anfield last night and the only people that the fans were losing patience with were Joe Cole and Stewart Downing. Rightly so, they were both terrible, Cole especially.

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