Arsène Wenger: 5-7 Reading Victory May Well Be One of My Greatest Wins: The Daily EPL

Few people in the United States may have watched Arsenal’s incredible comeback from 4-0 down to see Arsenal come back and win their League Cup game against Reading 5-7. In what Wenger is describing as one of his greatest wins ever, most people in the US didn’t see it because it was on beIN SPORT, which — unfortunately — the majority of soccer fans in the United States do not have unless you’re fortunate to have DirecTV or DISH.

Expect today’s Chelsea against Manchester United game in the League Cup to be another classic!

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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7 thoughts on “Arsène Wenger: 5-7 Reading Victory May Well Be One of My Greatest Wins: The Daily EPL”

  1. I listened to it on the radio. A completely comical match from the point of view of both teams.

    Fantastic entertainment if you’re an Arsenal fan I suppose. Expect Bradford to turn them over next round when they come up against a team who can defend 😉

    1. Wait a minute, how do you know that Arsenal are playing against Bradford City in the next round? I thought the draw hasn’t been made yet?

  2. So this one is up there with the ’03-04 “invincibles” run? Or the two FA cup wins back around that time? Good grief, Arsene must really be losing his cookies.

  3. I just watched the replay on Arsenal Player and it was thrilling. Once Giroud and Eisfeld came on Arsenal began to dominate. Embarrassing to give up four goals and thrilling to see them comeback. It’s not easy being an Arsenal supporter. Every defeat is magnified by the media. The anti Arsenal bias from the UK media played a huge role in my picking them to support. I hope we can find the form we had against City/Liverpool this weekend.

      1. Agree. Walcott can play there and produce more than Gervino IMO, but I want Giroud on the pitch as well as he is starting to come good.

  4. Well Alex, you said it before I could. BeIN has the rights to the Capital One Cup, Serie A, La Liga.

    It’s apperantly against the law for BeIN to buy adverts on the likes of Fox, Epltalk, or anywhere soccer fans gather, to advertise or promote where/how, fans can access their content, hence – most Americans have no idea.

    If a tree falls and no one………

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