Tottenham Hotspur Announces New Licensing Partnership To Grow US Fanbase: The Daily EPL


Tottenham Hotspur has signed a new licensing deal with a company named Sports Endeavors Inc in the United States. You probably know them better by their brand Eurosport or website.

According to the announcement, “The agreement will see [Sports Endeavors], whose current licence partners include the FIFA 2014 World Cup, FC Barcelona and the All Blacks rugby union team, produce Tottenham Hotspur licensed merchandise, as well as source existing licensed Club products and distribute via its channels throughout the United States.”

So, reading between the lines, it’ll be easier than ever to purchase Tottenham shirts in the United States. And there should be other opportunities to buy other merchandise.

Here are the Premier League news headlines today:

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3 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur Announces New Licensing Partnership To Grow US Fanbase: The Daily EPL”

  1. I’m not sure what this really means for the consumer. I’m a Spurs fan in TN and I can get whatever Spurs merchandise I want online through USA sellers. So I don’t see what will change with this new deal. Now, occasionally I will see ManU, Chelsea and Pool stuff in brick and mortar stores but have never seen Spurs stuff. If this means I may start seeing Spurs stuff too, then cool. If not, then this is a non-story for me.

  2. I agree with Nelson. How is that a benefit to the consumer? There are plenty of American websites selling apparel from all the EPL teams.

  3. I think what this means for Spurs fan in the states is access to official merchandise that is readily available for shipment. There are things that you can’t find except the official team store and you have pay crazy exchange and shipping rates. Hopefully this will help this.

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