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EPL Talk love getting mail so when the post guy knocks on your door and hands you a huge box with a German stamp on it, it’s time to smile. Especially when you know that it’s personalised boots. Something that was only open to the elite football player just a few seasons ago. As time goes on, technology has made it easier to customise your boots with details which make them specific to you. In the paper which came with our boot Messi said:

“In football you express yourself with your feet, which is why I like to feel like I have a connection to my adizero f50s.”

It’s a simple statement, but I like it. A huge amount of any sport is mental, and the more comfortable or expressive anyone might feel in their own boots could make a minor or significant difference to their play. It is no substitute for practice and skill but to feel good whilst you try to achieve those is a detail which I like to factor in.

Stop. There is an opportunity here.

See Messi’s YouTube invite here

From October 22, you can create a unique pair of adidas adizero f50s for Messi by visiting the new miadidas configurator at and submitting their designs. The miadidas configurator is a service allowing footballers to “Create Your Own” design and incorporate colour schemes and personal touches. The boot will be worn in a December La Liga match.

Fans in the UK, Germany, Spain, France & Sweden can enter the Messi boot design competition by visiting For further information please visit or @adidasfootball#miadidas on twitter to join the conversation.

Check out some of the other cool boot designs:

In Bed With Mardona – lovely flag look for these boots. I’m a fan of mixing the Lethal Zone colours.

Hypebeast – “Keep it simple Stupid” seems to apply here and that is often the best policy with boots. These are classy and orange on the heel. I like it.

Breast Cancer

It’s a nice idea, I’m sure there are plenty of players who could make these work. Beckham springs to mind, but who do you see wearing them?

“Create your own – designed by you. Made by adidas”


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