Welcome to the Redesigned EPLTalk.com

Welcome to the redesigned EPL Talk website.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been small tweaks here and there after rolling out a completely new website design. As with any change, some people will prefer the past, but there are several new enhancements that have been made that will hopefully win you over, over time:

Faster loading times. The pages on the old website sometimes used to hang, but the new design is slicker and much faster than before.

Completely different design. To be honest, we were sick of the old green look and the green logo, so we wanted a design that was lighter, featured more white space and wasn’t so overwhelming.

Improved search feature. Click on the search feature near the top right corner, and you’ll see how it’s better than before.

Most popular. We’ve added a color-coded ‘most popular’ widget to the right sidebar so you can see, at a quick glance, which are the six hottest articles on the site.

The thumbs up, thumbs down are back. Back by popular demand is the ability for the readers of EPL Talk to thumbs up or thumbs down user comments.

These are just a few of the improvements we’ve made on EPL Talk. We’ll be adding more enhancements slowly, to keep the site fresh and to see what works.

The redesign and new features to EPL Talk come just days before EPL Talk will be celebrating our 7-year-anniversary since we launched.

Thank you for your loyalty, your fantastic feedback in the comments section as well as sharing news and tips.

Feel free to share any feedback you have regarding the new redesign in the comments section below.

15 thoughts on “Welcome to the Redesigned EPLTalk.com”

  1. Thanks for the improvements. You might want to consider adding the links to the previous and next articles like in the old design. Makes it much easier to navigate between articles.

    1. Also, in the old design, the author’s name in each article was linked to his bio page, as well as the list of all the articles he’s written. Would also like to have that again as sometimes I want to look through the articles written by a certain author.

      1. Hi Sammy, thanks for mentioning that. It’s one thing I’d like to improve. If you do click on the author name under the headline, it takes you to a page where they have their previous articles listed (I need to clean that up a little, but the bio isn’t there anymore).

        The Gaffer

  2. The design is clean and fast loading, but it doesn’t feel very football/soccer related. Even the logo could be for any subject. You should get a EPLTalk badge and have it more soccer themed in the site logo.

    The most popular widget is superb!

  3. Gaffer
    how about a EPLTALK t shirt?take a poll and see if there is any interest make sure the price with make you a few bucks.

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