“The Premier League is Interested in Doing New Things in the United States,” Says NBC: The Daily EPL

The New York Times ran a story this morning quoting a NBC executive who said that
The Premier League is interested in doing news things in the United States.” Unfortunately, the article didn’t pinpoint what some of those new ideas are — whether it’s simply having a new media partner (NBC Universal instead of FOX). Or maybe they have more plans up their sleeve?

Perhaps it’s the 18-20 matches per season shown on free-to-air NBC television. Perhaps it’s a better online experience?

If the Premier League is interested in doing new things in the United States, what do you think those should be? Post your suggestions and ideas in the comments section below!

Meanwhile, here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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4 thoughts on ““The Premier League is Interested in Doing New Things in the United States,” Says NBC: The Daily EPL”

  1. Comcast has been itchy to fill all of those channels they have with programing… Now its like the early days of ESPN, except back then people would watch a lumberjacks cause there was no other sport on cable… so Comcast/NBC will go on a buying frenzy,

  2. My wish list is long and varied…

    1) Since NBC has so many available channels, please utilize one of them each week to show all the IMG produced programming.
    This includes pre-game and post game analysis, daily news programs, and weekly studio preview ( Friday night )and review panel ( Monday night )discussions. These shows are terrific.

    2) Spend a bit of money and open a studio in London, which will attract a stronger pool of talent.

    3)Make one game, the Game of the Week, and have a dedicated commentary pair, similar to what ESPN has now with Darke / McNanaman.

    4) For the package of games to be offered via “multichannel video programming distributors”, develop a package like ESPN Game Plan. 4 matches per week live for, say, $149 for the season.

    5) Use IMG’s commentary for all matches except the Game of the Week.

    6) Ensure all local NBC affiliates carry the “over the air” matches LIVE.

    7) Don’t sub license matches to other channels. Ensure we have TV access to all 380 matches through the NBC channels, and a “Game Plan” package.

    8) I’d consider Keyes and Gray. Yeah, they’re egos got too big at Sky, and they deserved to get canned, but they were the best,

    9) Follow through on NBC’s Lazarus comment: “We believe in the indigenous voice. We think that there is a tone and tact that the international soccer fan expects and we will not disappoint.”

    NBC has a chance to do some great things here. Hope they don’t blow it.


  3. Does doing new things mean cutting to commercial breaks mid-match like they did during the olympics? I am incredibly nervous about what NBC will do and offer. Also, I hope that the premier league review show does not going away!!!!!!!!!!!!

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