Rogers and TSN Acquire Premier League TV Rights In Canada In 3-Year Deal

After the news that NBC Universal won the US media rights to the Premier League on US TV and Internet, it’s been announced today that Rogers and TSN will split the Premier League media rights in Canada fifty-fifty, with games to be shown across Sportsnet and TSN.

In the three year deal, Sportsnet will get 190 matches a season, while TSN will get the other 190.

For Sportsnet, this will be the sixteenth consecutive year that the network has broadcasted Premier League matches on Canadian television.

8 thoughts on “Rogers and TSN Acquire Premier League TV Rights In Canada In 3-Year Deal”

  1. 190 matches each, split between Rogers (SPORTSNET regional/SPORTSNET ONE/SPORTSNET WORLD) and Bell (TSN/TSN2/RDS/RDS2).

    1. You just repeated exactly what was said in the article. Good job.

      Most interesting thing for me is EPL wanted two seperate broadcasters with two seperate bids in Canada.

      1. The Gaffer originally wrote “180 matches each” instead of 190. He has since corrected the article.

        EPL accepted a joint bid from Rogers and Bell, which were bidding against themselves, as we now know with reasonable certainty that TeleLatino Network/beIN SPORT LLC did NOT bid.

        beIN SPORT LLC, most notably Youssef and Nasser, have now shown their true colors. They would prefer to bid on “junk” instead of premium products because they can purchase “junk” by conducting “private banking” instead of having to participate in competitive bidding under the eyes of government watchdogs.

        1. I can tell you it was not a joint bid from Bell and Rogers. A source tells me the Premier League wanted to sell two packages in Canada. 190 matches each. Two seperate bids.

          1. Your source, if it were the same source who told you that Score Media had retained Serie A, was blowing smoke.

            I obtained a copy of the ITT.

            The FAPL only offered one live match package in Canada.

            Rogers and Bell submitted a joint bid. They were bidding against themselves, as TeleLatino/beIN SPORT LLC did NOT bid as far as I can determine based on both industry sources and observable tells.

          2. It is not the same source. The previous source claimed to know people at theScore. Whether he did or not, I don’t know. I’d never conversed with him before, and haven’t since. Didn’t really consider him reliable at the time.

            This one, who shall remain unknown, works for one of the companies who bid on Premiership rights in Canada. He has sent me correct information in the past and he was very adament that there were two seperate bids.

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