Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 9: Open Thread

The clocks have gone back one hour in Great Britain, so all of the Premier League matches today will kick off one hour later than usual.

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We’ll need our beauty sleep this morning as there are four enticing matches in store. The first is the Merseyside derby that kicks off at 9:30am ET with Everton at home against Liverpool. As EPL Talk blogger Matt Jones wrote in his preview of the match, let’s hope that Everton manager David Moyes removes the shackles from Everton and lets them play a more open and attacking game instead of the overly-defensive tactics.

Before Everton-Liverpool finishes, Newcastle United kicks off against West Bromwich Albion in a match at St. James’ Park, which features two evenly matched sides.

At the same time that Newcastle-WBA kicks off, Southampton plays Tottenham Hotspur in a match that, on paper, you would think would be an easy win for Spurs. But after a sluggish performance in Slovenia on Thursday night in the Europa League, it may be a tougher battle than Tottenham supporters expect.

Last but not least, we have the prospect of Chelsea versus Manchester United. Kick-off time is Noon ET. This one is a inquisitive matchup. If Chelsea wins, we could be seeing — for the first time — a possible separation between Chelsea and Manchester City at the top of the league, and Manchester United is a weaker third position. The era of big spending from Chelsea and City could be opening up a gap at the top. Having said that, never underestimate Manchester United.

Before, during and after the Premier League matches today, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

119 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 9: Open Thread”

  1. Heading to Stamford Bridge soon for what will hopefully be a happy afternoon for Chelsea fans like me. But I’ve got my 14 year old MU-loving son in tow, so at least one of us ought to leave the match on a high. Lets just hope it’s not a 3-3 draw like last year’s fixture.

    1. HTF does that happen then? A Celtic fan I work with burnt a Rangers shirt his son bought and refused to speak to him! What a twat Suarez is. The friendly Derby? Lobbing a golf ball at the players now.

  2. Suarez going over to e erroneous dug out to dive I front of Moyes after the business deflection if why most fans don’t like Suarez, he is a prick!

    Completely disrespectful

      1. Less disrespectful than Suarez trying to get fellow professionals carded or sent off.

        He’ll do it to the wrong player one day and will rue crying wolf all the time when he does. Freddie Mercury toothed prick.

        1. i would give anything for that prick to have to play 90 minutes against Psycho at City Ground and see what is left of him at the final whistle.

          1. Certainly. So are quite a few Everton and Liverpool players. Especially in this game. Anyway, let’s keep on focusing on Suarez.

        1. I thought it was an appropriate response. If managers talk about other clubs’ players then they should expect an answer back. I thought it was funny, just like it was funny when Klinsmann did it years ago … you thought that was funny, right, since you’ve been Spurs for so many years.

    1. could not agree with you more. last year he had a manager that defended his racism and this year he has a manager that defends his diving.oh yeah he is a A-hole for life.

    1. I’d hardly call it deserved, they pissed away a 2 goal lead.

      The glee that disallowed goal has been greeted with by various folks supports The Gaffer’s comments about Liverpool earlier this week. Suarez makes it very easy to foster this attitude for many neutrals.

  3. Not sure if the linesman had his flag up for offside or a foul on Coates. If it’s offside then that it a terrible call. We’ll know more when the officials tell Liverpool why the goal was disallowed.

    Disappointed there were no red cards in this one :-) .

    1. Unfortunately it was, he made a complete hash of the cross, the corner should never have happened, and on that corner, horrible positioning and palmed straight to the Southampton player…

      Just terrible. Defoe wasted so many chances int he first half we should have been 4 up in the first half. Livermore is fast becoming the second player I have no time for after Freezal.

  4. Hold on, I didn’t realise Chelsea had pulled one back. That isn’t so bad but the question now is, can they score more while avoiding conceding? Really hope so.

  5. Chelsea needs to let Cesar get in more of the matches versus lower sides to get some EPL experiment. Chelsea needs to start rotating more people in matches or they are going to get burnt out. They need to get Marin, Moses, Cesar, Bertand, and Sturridge in more. I know these guys are doing amazing things but the season doesn’t end until May.

      1. Don’t tar us all with the same brush. This isn’t Serbia, we’re not all muppets. That’s just the Cockney and Scouse apologists for Suarez and Terry.

    1. we don’t boo our team off at half nor did we clap when Sagna broke his ankle. Chelsea doesn’t leave at the 80′ minute like the plastic, sh*t supporters at Spurs.

  6. Just because there’s contact doesn’t mean you have to dive. Torres should have thought about the negative consequences of over egging the challenge by Evans.

    Guy and I said as much a couple of weeks ago. This type of decision needs to be enforced to make the proponents on the fosbury style flop think twice before employing their pathetic drama queen antics.

    1. In real time it looked like he was held on by 4 players. yeah the freeze frame looks like it was a bad decision, but no one thought it was offside.

    1. I wonder if the Chelsea steward knows they don’t add on extra time for non players, unless its at old trafford and its a utd steward

  7. chelsea steward down from moronic chelsea fans throwing objects at utd players…such a joke.. this game could have 10 mins of extra time like the city game

  8. So Furgie complains that ManU hasn’t won at the Bridge in a long while because of the calls and it seems it took the calls to go there way to for them to win at the Bridge.

  9. Barton LOL…Torres was getting out of the way,….rubbish,… he dove and clutched his ankle as tho he was hacked down.. he wasn’t, the ref had a good view too. he could have just jumped out of the he decided to make a meal of it and get evans sent off.

    chicaritio goal was offside and it was more blatant than the arteta one, Such is football.

      1. bale got straight up, Torres rolled and made a meal of it,…so turn to page 3 of the Suarez cheating thru diving and simulation handbook and you will see it there.

        1. Getting out of the way not to get injured is the Bale’s trademark. It cannot be in Suarez book – it would be a copyright violation.

  10. EPL should hire the replacement refs from the NFL. Even they can do a better job. What a farce today. SMFH. It’s impossible to do worse than what happened today in terms of refereeing…

    1. Ref was terrible today Luiz and Cahill both deserved red cards as well in the first half. Cole should have also seen red for diving. Ray Wilkins deserved a red along with the bus driver.

  11. As United supporter I gladly take all three points. The game however leaves a sour taste because of questionable officiating. I thought United had a fair shot to win after Ivanovic was rightfully dismissed. Unfortunately referees made a mess and that puts asterisk on otherwise good United performance. In addition, I’m wondering if with all this attention to officiating some calls may not go United way in other crucial games. After all it all evens out in the end as Kartik likes to say.

  12. Chelsea have lodged a complaint against mark Clattenburg for derogatory (racist?) comments against two Chelsea players, one of whom is Obi Mikel. Wow! This referee might never officiate again.

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