Manchester United Make US Their New ‘No1 Target’: The Nightly EPL

Very interesting news tonight from England where Manchester United vice-chairman Ed Woodward (no, not Ed Wood) has said that “We’ve seen amazing growth in India, China is still a massive opportunity but the US is becoming the No1 opportunity for us.”

The news comes hot on the heels that Manchester United is opening a US-based office in New York City. United sees the United States as a ripe market based on a few factors: 1) The opportunity to sign lucrative sponsorship deals with big spending US companies, 2) the sudden rise in popularity of the sport in America, 3) lockouts in national sports in the United States are making soccer more popular from the grassroots to the mainstream TV ratings.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

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8 thoughts on “Manchester United Make US Their New ‘No1 Target’: The Nightly EPL”

      1. No the fact that there’s only four teams supported outside of England. May as well get rid of the other 16 and just have those 4 playing each other 10 times each across the globe. It’d be great wouldn’t it?

        1. Well, it certainly would be grand for all those who became lifelong fans because their uncle’s former girlfriend had a brother who drove by the stadium every day on his way to work. 😉

        2. Not at all I kind of like seeing the likes of stoke and West Ham get stuck into the so called big teams who don’t like the rough stuff.

  1. My smalltown paper in Wisconsin had an editorial about how the US government is wasting money. The article referred to the bailout money that AIG received which sponsored Man U. I had to laugh.

  2. You guys are sad to call us gloryhounds. At least be proud of the fact that people in other places besides where you are actually pay attention to the sport. Having any team represent to bring in more money for the league overall is a win-win situation. More people will pay attention and the overall sport becomes more popular.

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