Poll: Who Do You Think Will Win the Battle For EPL TV Rights In USA?

On the eve of the final day of bidding for the US media rights for the English Premier league from seasons 2013-16, who do you think will win?

That’s quite a different question than what we asked you a couple of weeks ago, when 83% of you said that you wanted FOX Soccer to win.

The bidding officially closes tomorrow at 11am ET/4pm BST. Unless the news is leaked regarding the winner, we can expect to hear who won as early as next week.

Vote below and tell us who you think will win.

24 thoughts on “Poll: Who Do You Think Will Win the Battle For EPL TV Rights In USA?”

  1. I voted for Fox because i won’t have to change or add to watch the EPL.I skip pre and post match on fox Espn 15 minute preview is better than anything on fox soccer.i guess we will find out next week what a great Sunday we have to look forward to should be great.

  2. I voted Fox/ESPN. I believe that the EPL will have enough foresight to realize the growth that has been realized during the current contract period with the existing partnership and, despite potentially more money from beIN, there is a place for loyalty in business.

    Unless, the money beIN throws at the EPL is massively overwhelming…50% or more greater bid.

    In addition, Fox/ESPN already has the infrastructure that is required to cover every game live…beIN does not, i.e. extra channels and internet access.

    1. I have DirecTV, so personally I would be better off with beIN. It is included in my package with no extra charge…I have to pay extra for Fox Soccer and extra, extra for Fox Soccer Plus and extra, extra, extra for FoxSoccer2Go.

      I don’t pay for any of the Fox products, thus I only watch the ESPN games.

    2. Fact it’s gone to a second round means somebody has already bid more than Fox. It would have been awarded in round 1 otherwise.

      Keep that up in round 2 and it’s a safe beIN bet. Depends if it’s actually them or not though… Could be another entrant for all anybody knows.

    1. It’s just a rumor. A Google executive recently said that they weren’t interested in bidding, and that they’re more interested in original programming. Apple has had their fare share of issues trying to agree deals with the media companies, so I don’t see it happening this go around. In the future, possibly yes, but not right now. Although a deal with Google or Apple would be incredible.

      The Gaffer

    1. The service on FOX Soccer 2Go is not crappy. It’s fair better and safer than dodgy pirated streams.

      The Gaffer

    2. Foxsoccer2go has much fewer problems than it did a year ago. It’s not perfect but it’s definitely worth it considering the choices of EPL games you get.

  3. If Fox Soccer don’t win this bid, I don’t see how they can survive. That will be interesting since Fox has the TV rights for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

  4. I wouldn’t mind Discovery getting the rights and showing the matches on BBC America HD and Velocity HD. Another plus to being on there is the opportunity of them getting Match of the Day.

  5. Who on earth was the “colour” commentator for the Liverpool game last night? For a start he sounded like Kermit, and second he thought he was there to have a chat. The two of them were having a conversation as Downing scored, nothing like taking the excitement out of a game. Which made me think of if BeIN get the Premier league does that mean Ray Hudson comes along with it? What a horrible thought

    1. nbc would be the worst possible option!did you see what they did to the olympics? delay delay delay. nothing would be live and for telemudo i would have to sub to a spanish package AND learn spanish. the epl loses a huge north american fan base if this is true.

  6. just saw this tweet:

    “@Ourand_SBJ: SBD: Fox and ESPN have dropped out of the EPL bidding process. NBCU is the clear front runner. BeIN the big question mark.”


  7. Ian Darke’s contract is up after either this year or the year they have the World Cup.

    There’s no way he sticks around to cover MLS full-time.

    And since the UK network lost EPL rights too it’s highly likely Ian Darke and Jon Champion (for ESPN UK) end up leaving for different networks.

  8. At least if NBC gets it there might be a better prospect of streaming apps than with BeIn. If you could watch stuff on demand with them like you can with FS2Go I’d sign up for it right now. Would love to be able to see Serie A again.

    Hope that’s not true about Fox. They obviously seem by far to be the best choice as far as US supporters go.

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