Arsenal Set to Sign £25 Million Shirt Deal With Adidas; Fulham Deal Close Too: The Nightly EPL

Arsenal are on the verge of signing a £25 million-a-year kit deal with Adidas, according to The Daily Telegraph tonight. Arsenal’s deal with Nike ends after the 2013-14 season, so a new deal for Gunners would be a welcome boost to the club’s coffers. The Telegraph is also reporting that an Adidas deal with Fulham is close to being finalized.

Nike’s designs have run out of gas recently in the soccer department, so it’d be a welcome change to see Adidas get more involved at the top level as long as they stray away from their template designs.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

In tonight’s video, courtesy of 101 Great Goals, Irish pundit Eamonn Dunphy doesn’t hold back in his criticism of Roberto Mancini and Manchester City. Whether you agree with him or not, this is certainly worth watching:

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6 thoughts on “Arsenal Set to Sign £25 Million Shirt Deal With Adidas; Fulham Deal Close Too: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Hopefully this means I won’t need to buy a XXXL Fulham kit next year. I’m not a small man, but I don’t wear bigger than an XL in anything else. For some reason the Kappa kits are ridiculously small.

    1. You must be related to Cadger. He also hates tight fitting clothes, mainly because he has no fashion sense. Your reason will also be to accomodate your big beer belly at the Cottage.

  2. Alex, I’m not sure – in the mid to late 80’s, when Adidas had the accounts of the big three clubs (Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal) everything Adidas touched was gold – (that 89 Gunners away kit – genius) before they discovered the ecstasy craze and ran out of sober ideas in the 90’s, as per Exhibit A above.

    I am an adidas (originals) man through and through but I can’t see them doing any better than Nike, whose current Arsenal designs will still run circles around anything adidas has anywhere – which are indeed, almost always rehashed templates these days. I hope they prove me wrong.

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but I just absolutely hate Kappa kits. I think their “twins” logo just looks terrible and low-class and seems like it belongs on something like a NASCAR shirt.

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