Manchester United vs Braga and Shakhtar Donetsk vs Chelsea, Champions League Open Thread

Chelsea and Manchester United both are hoping to continue their good form in the UEFA Champions League with victories today against Shakhtar Donetsk and Braga respectively. But both teams will face difficult matches — especially Chelsea in front of a raucous crowd in Eastern Europe.

Before, during and after today’s Champions League matches, post your rants, raves, observations and questions in the comments section below.

10 thoughts on “Manchester United vs Braga and Shakhtar Donetsk vs Chelsea, Champions League Open Thread”

  1. not sure why but it looks like all champoins league games are on foxsoccer2go, even the ones on cable..thats teh first time I have seen that, normaly they are blacked out until midnight online.

    good job fox, well done!

    1. They started that this season for Champions League and Europa League matches. They probably did that to make up for losing Serie A rights.

      The Gaffer

  2. Heartbreak for celtic to lose right at the death. Thought they had got a draw.

    Bad loss for Chelsea who were outplayed by a very skillful Shaktar side.

    United won but were not very convincing. Still they’ll like the fact they won and Chelsea lost for the big showdown on Sunday and also a midweek matchup in the league cup.

  3. No arguments with Chelsea match a well deserved loss. We return the favor to Shakhtar on the 7th and Chelsea is back in first place in the group.

  4. It’s surprising to me that United’s defence is as thin as it is. They need Vidic back, and soon, but then again as soon as he gets back seems like he will be hurt again.

    SAF may not like the January transfer window, but he may have no choice but to shop for some players to bolster his back line ranks.

    1. I agree Charles. Manchester United’s defence has looked terrible for the past 12 months. Vidic hasn’t been the same (probably due to injuries). Ferdinand is useless. Jonny Evans is not Manchester United quality. Patrice Evra is nowhere near as good as he once was for United.

      Hopefully Phil Jones and Chris Smalling can make a difference when they get back from injury.

      The Gaffer

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