Manchester City Hopeful David Silva Could Return for Ajax Clash: The Daily EPL

Will he or won’t he? Manchester City midfield maestro David Silva was originally ruled out of Wednesday night’s Champions League match against Ajax. But now the Manchester Evening News is reporting that he could indeed return from injury. It’s going to be one of those stories where we won’t know for sure until the team line-up is revealed on Wednesday evening.

Here are the main Premier League news headlines today:

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One thought on “Manchester City Hopeful David Silva Could Return for Ajax Clash: The Daily EPL”

  1. There's nothing SAF can do about Rio right now because like it or not, he needs rio. He doesn't any other fit defender to replace him with. But Rio will probably be forced out in the summer window.

    Do not understand black players snubbing the "Kick it Out" campaign. its like cutting your nose to spite your face. Not very smart if you ask me.


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