Rio Ferdinand Will Wear Kick It Out Campaign T-Shirt, Says Alex Ferguson: The Daily EPL

Despite contrary reports, Rio Ferdinand will wear a Kick It Out campaign T-shirt in the pre-match warm-up this weekend for Manchester United, says Sir Alex Ferguson during today’s United press conference. There were reports that Jason Roberts, Anton Ferdinand and Rio Ferdinand would not wear the shirts in protest, but Rio will wear the shirt. And so he should.

Here are the Premier League news headlines today:

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6 thoughts on “Rio Ferdinand Will Wear Kick It Out Campaign T-Shirt, Says Alex Ferguson: The Daily EPL”

  1. while SAF is a coaching legend, he really isn’t the smartest pickle in the jar…and clearly can’t see that what jason is doing is brining itinto the spotlight and increasing the pressure even more!

    Jason HAS participated in the kickitout campaign but obviously feels that the governing bodies FA, PFA, UEFA and FIFA that use it as as part of their PR repertoire need to back up their tough talk with action. and not continue the current inept approach.

    40,000 fine for Lazio, 4 game ban for Terry, Serbia U21 fiasco… what better time would there be for Jason to do what he is doing? SAF has it wrong, clearly kickitout as a concept is absolutely necessary, but is only effective IF authorities are genuinely committed to actually punishing offenders.

    kickitout is a Charity, but when you think about it, why is it needed? why aren’t the governing bodies like the FA or UEFA taking the lead and fully funding comprehensive education campaigns as well as making the punishments reflect the no tolerance they talk about.

    If a group of fans at an international game unveiled a large banner for a competing product of one of the UCL sponsors or premier league sponsors, say Budweiser or Natwest Bank they would be far more ruthless and finned more than the fans that shout racist abuse.

    I think Jason is absolutely right to use this apex of circumstance to express himself this way.

    Of course everyone should be unified behind kickitout, but only to a point, if you have been behind it and then when situations that need tough action are treated with an absence of leadership or do not back up what you say then you have to stop and change!nothing is changing then why not try something new, and take a stand.

    1. ok first off I really liked the tome of your comment, was well thought out, and you make good points.

      But It isn’t a charity per say…. It is a PR front of the FA and PL FARE is the bigger group.
      and what these groups are needed for is guidance. You never want a group internally monitoring such things as racism, homophobia and sexism cause they tend to cover them up.
      So while Kick It Out is a great teaching tool for a nation, it could well be a great tool to the FA and PL on how to deal with such issues.
      just my opinion.

  2. kick it out is all style and no substance.the way the FA handled or did not handle the terry issue says it all.if you want to wear the shirt wear it if you don’t want to don’t do it. pretty simple but the fa does not do common sense very well.thank God the EPL is back it always feels like Christmas morning after a international break.good luck to your teams.

  3. Lets look at Kick It Out… They have been around in one form or another since 1993. Largely a PR effort to fund local groups with methods to teach anti racism anti homophobia anti sexism …
    But that doesn’t fix systemic bigotry if they are a gelded body.
    Herman Ouseley the chair of Kick it Out, seems to get what the rest of the football world doesn’t…. He told ESPN, “the John Terry case cannot reach “closure” until the “hurt, abuse and broken relationships” are addressed by the English football authorities.”
    So while Kick It Out can run programs, try to edify the public, and talk the good talk… it is meaningless if the folks paying the bills ( the FA and PL) don’t take its leaderships words to heart.

    and for Rio, I’m sure he was given an ultimatum that will make him think twice about being a RED. Rio, is a light soul, but he is a man with a character and dignity. This will not be forgotten.

  4. Oh what joy, the great European social engineering and multicultural experiment is an utter failure? You destroyed your own societies for the sake of immigrants being more welcome and have it continually blown up in your face. No attempt to properly assimilate immigrants to your lands instead you built ghettos, allowed into your countries to do the work Europeans were unwilling to do and this you get continued racial, cultural and religious problems. You have all the programs, educational workshops and fines you want but you can’t force people to like people. It is something that must come naturally and not imposed by edict. I would dare to ask something who has never had a racist or sexist thought in their mind or uttered it under their breath and if they say they haven’t I would call them a liar. Millionaire professional athletics with hurt and wounded feelings I find that hard to believe with all the crap the press and fat ass couch potatoes write on the internet. The FA, UEFA and FIFA can do all the fines and programs but it won’t change the human condition only time will fix that, so why not develop a backbone be proud to French, German, English or whatever and assimilate your immigrants into your societies new nationals and not some protect class of weaklings. In the US we have a long history of racial problems but Europe not so unless you count your former colonies but with all our problems we are light years ahead of Europe in this area. Good luck you will need it.

    1. The national dish of England is curry. That alone stands as a great symbol of a multi cultural society. And I don’t buy your idea of the human condition. The reason racism, sexism and homophobia still exists is because it gains acceptance in certain circles, in the home, in the community.
      I understand your world view, but disagree with it totally. And I’ll leave it at that.

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