Poland vs England, Part Dew: World Cup Qualifying Match Open Thread

Ok, let’s try this again.

After yesterday’s farcical postponement of the Poland vs England game due to a waterlogged pitch inside a stadium that had a roof (that wasn’t used because of the heavy rain), the rescheduled match will now kick off at 11am ET today (shown live on ESPN3.com for viewers in the United States).

England starting XI: Joe Hart, Glen Johnson, Phil Jagielka, Joleon Lescott, Ashley Cole, James Milner, Steven Gerrard, Michael Carrick, Tom Cleverley, Wayne Rooney, Jermain Defoe.

Before, during and after today’s match, post your comments regarding the game in the section below.

7 thoughts on “Poland vs England, Part Dew: World Cup Qualifying Match Open Thread”

  1. Underwhelming, awful, at least Roy has another excuse with the game being postponed a day. What a load of rubbish.

    How many more of these performances and contradicting policies do we have to endure before it starts to sink in that Hodgepodge is actually Graham Taylor in disguise.

    1. Who do you propose should replace him? Who is the knight in shining armor that’s going to ride in and improve England’s performances??

      The Gaffer

      1. If at the FA I would pursue the following managers as replacements, Jose Morinho, Alan Pardew, Harry Redknapp, David Moyes (yes I know he is Scottish), any one of those would do a far better job than Roy, and 3 out of the 4 would strongly consider it if the money was right.

        Do you think Roy is doing a good job?
        Have we shown any signs of improvement?

        I see a regression and not as part of change to a clear master plan, just a regression. Cleverly playing left midfield in a 4-4-2 .or 4-4-1-1 Really? in fact cleverly playing left in any formation is ridiculous, especially when you have lennon, no way is cleverly better on the left than Lennon.

        How are Downing and Henderson darlings at the Euro’s one minute and then not in the squad the next? Now JJ Shelvey is in the squad but Caulker who has 34 more games under his belt in the premier league is in the under 21, while Jagielka is to slow, Cahill sits on the bench.

        By 2014 Cahill and Caulker should be the starting center backs for England, as should Baines and Walker be the starting full backs, they are going to be the best at their positions in 2014 (walker and Cahill already are and Caulker is better than Jag and on a par at the moment with Lescot.)

        Thats just the defensive issues I see, let alone the midfield formation roles and intent for 2014.

        He has, and still continues to contradict himself on numerous occasions over selections, expectations and policies for building a cohesive team for the world cup.

        As a manager in the premier league he won nothing, when given the chance at a big club it was crash and burn… harry even took Portsmouth to a fa cup win and spurs to consistent top 5 and the QF of champions league. Jose is well..jose.. David Moyes would be absolutely money, look at what he has built at Everton, organized but with flair and adaptable he can play a 4-3-3 or a 4-5-1. Pardew also has shown he can manage big international players.

        If we even qualify… which I don’t think we will.

        We do have the players and the talent, we lack the right manager. These the pool of players to pick from is a good pool, Roy just keeps getting it wrong with his selections and systems.

        1. My Man Dust you can’t look at everything through Tottenham eyes- it just suggests a blindness.

          Having said that Roy gets way too big a free pass – 1 shot on goal is that right? regressive football to an extreme. I will agree with Dust that the lineup selections for England are too much a flavor of the month and I see no long term vision for the team-it’s just a series of political moves with the end result of making sure everyone maintains their reputations and risk nothing. I don’t see any vision or actual belief or committment to win the world cup. There are lots of managers to consider and players for that manor. I don’t beleive players are selected on merit or fit to a plan-

          1. How do I see things through the eyes of Tottenham? Is it because I said Lennon was a better left or right winger than cleverly? Of that caulker is the centre back of the future/now if the World Cup squad is to gel. The route is supposed to be u21 then England, that’s why it’s there. In 14 months lescott and jag will be slower, Cahill should be starting too. Or was it my assertion that walker is the best right back in England now and will for sure mature and be far better in 14 months. That’s only 3 spurs players. Cleverly, Carrick, welbeck all Man U and were terrible, cleverly was selected by hodgepodge after a 45 min display in the charity shield.

            Hodgepodge is out of his, depth, no way is cleverly a better than Lennon o the wing and when you play the 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 u use wingers.

            Glen Johnson was absolutely horrid, walker played through a calf injury and still looked better than Johnson.

            Caulker is class he showed it last season and this season against Man Utd, and Lazio.
            If I had said Démbèle should stay for England then maybe that would be through spurs tinted glasses.

            Oh another player that will also blossom this season and also in the u21 setup is Andros Townsend


      2. Also wasn’t one of the big draws for Roy that he had all this international experience with prep and qualifying format as tournament football… did show when a game was postponed for rain did it.

  2. Well Gaffer I say we bring in Pep Guardiola after he decides to end his break from coaching. Personally I would like to see Ferguson try his wits with the Brits but he is pretty old and will probably finish out his career at Man U. What a terrible performance by England today, a tie is almost as bad as a loss. They have played four games and only have a one point lead over Montenegro who has only played three games. It does make the group more interesting though.

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