Liverpool Reveals Plans to Rebuild Anfield, Expanding to 60,000 Capacity: The Daily EPL

Liverpool’s home since 1892 is going to be redeveloped to expand the Anfield capacity to 60,000. Fenway Sports Group will work with the local Liverpool authorities to knock down several streets around Anfield, to make way for the expansion.

Fenway Sports Group will be spending approximately £152 million to expand the ground.

Here are the Premier League news headlines today:

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12 thoughts on “Liverpool Reveals Plans to Rebuild Anfield, Expanding to 60,000 Capacity: The Daily EPL”

  1. Several years at a cost of 150m for an extra 15000 seats and they still won’t have the best stadium in the championship.

    The owners of the club at the start of the premier league era dropped the ball big time. This should have been done 15+ years ago.

  2. As usual the first comment regarding Liverpool is from yet another Liverpool obsessed manc freak.
    The only reason Anfield isn;t the biggest stadium in the country already is because its hemmed in by housing, unlike the Manky chester Hoofers and their Mould Scaffold based in that Triple A rated sh*thole of Salford.

    1. Biggest stadium in the country you’re having a laugh mate. You will struggle to fill a 60,000 seater stadium IF it ever happens.

      1. If you are going to bring the banter, at least speak a bit of sense because one thing you can’t say is that Liverpool lack weekly support. A lot of teams in our current position would have empty seats all over the ground. The additional 15,000 seats could be allocated to the season ticket waiting list alone.

    2. Typical scouser, can’t even read a map to see that Old Trafford’s actually in Trafford. Salford’s the north side of the Ship Canal. 😉

      Liverpool should have got the stadium thing sorted out years ago by ground sharing with Everton in Stanley Park. Both clubs would have had a whole lot more matchday revenue by now and would have been stronger for it. Everton in particular are really hurt financially by Goodison – there’s hardly any hospitality and they can’t afford to buy up a couple of streets to build a new stand.

      Hopefully Liverpool will actually get things built this time before the fans turn on the owners and run them out of town again.

        1. Woohoo! Thanks Guy. I was going to e-mail you today to see if it was working, but you saved me the trouble. Thanks for updating me (seriously).

          The Gaffer

  3. it is a great idea but for the good Liverpool it should be 70K seat stadium at least. A big club needs a “gigantic” stadium.

  4. we charge the 3rd highest average ticket prices in the Prem and still sell out every league and cup game. Only Arsenal and Chelsea charge more (based on AVERAGE ticket prices). we pay £45 to sit in the Kop (which is our cheapest priced part of the ground). Also, we charge about double what Newcastle and Man City charge for theior average ticket prices. so long as they make some of the tickets more affordable (more children places hopefully as we only currently have 1,400 available), we would sell out 60,000 and more.

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