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Would You Want FOX Soccer To Film a “Being:” Documentary About Your Premier League Club?

 Would You Want FOX Soccer To Film a Being: Documentary About Your Premier League Club?

While the club has a proud history, there’s no denying that Liverpool Football Club is one of the most disliked Premier League clubs in English football. The amount of people wanting Liverpool to fail is palpable. The club is often the butt of jokes and lazy stereotypes. And it seems that whether it’s on social media or the Internet, there’s a significant amount of people who take joy in seeing Liverpool lose.

The same can be said about many other Premier League clubs, but not to the level that Liverpool fans suffer. Perhaps it’s not helped by the fact that Liverpool’s main rivals are ahead of the Reds both in terms of trophies won and worldwide fanbase numbers. Manchester United supporters are hardly ever a silent bunch.

So, in some ways, it wasn’t surprising that Liverpool FC decided to work with FOX Soccer on the “Being: Liverpool” documentary series. It’s an opportunity for the Anfield club to generate publicity, grow their fanbase and to help build an emotional connection between the viewer and the people inside the famous football club.

At the same time, “Being: Liverpool” has opened the Reds up to being the target of more jokes, and it’s especially put Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers under a lot of pressure given that his words and actions are transparent to the general public. The Northern Irishman is putting himself on the line in a way that a Premier League manager has never done before. His words and actions could come back to haunt him, forever remembered on television while plenty of managers before him worked within a closed shop, granting rare interviews and uttering carbon copy cliches during press conferences.

The story of Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool FC will continue long after the “Being: Liverpool” series ends later this month. But FOX Sports has already mentioned that they’ve considered doing more original programming. Perhaps your Premier League club could be next. The question is, would you want it?

Would you support your club’s decision if they decided to make a deal with FOX Sports to create a new “Being:” series — whether it’s “Being: Manchester United,” “Being: Chelsea,” or “Being: [insert your favorite club's name here]“?

Would you be willing to put your manager under pressure where most of his moves and words are recorded?

Would you want the story of your club scrutinized by critics and opposition fans, looking for any opportunity to use it as a weapon?

Would you want FOX Soccer to film a “Being:” documentary about your Premier League club, or not?

Share your opinions in the comment section below.

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