Would You Want FOX Soccer To Film a “Being:” Documentary About Your Premier League Club?

While the club has a proud history, there’s no denying that Liverpool Football Club is one of the most disliked Premier League clubs in English football. The amount of people wanting Liverpool to fail is palpable. The club is often the butt of jokes and lazy stereotypes. And it seems that whether it’s on social media or the Internet, there’s a significant amount of people who take joy in seeing Liverpool lose.

The same can be said about many other Premier League clubs, but not to the level that Liverpool fans suffer. Perhaps it’s not helped by the fact that Liverpool’s main rivals are ahead of the Reds both in terms of trophies won and worldwide fanbase numbers. Manchester United supporters are hardly ever a silent bunch.

So, in some ways, it wasn’t surprising that Liverpool FC decided to work with FOX Soccer on the “Being: Liverpool” documentary series. It’s an opportunity for the Anfield club to generate publicity, grow their fanbase and to help build an emotional connection between the viewer and the people inside the famous football club.

At the same time, “Being: Liverpool” has opened the Reds up to being the target of more jokes, and it’s especially put Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers under a lot of pressure given that his words and actions are transparent to the general public. The Northern Irishman is putting himself on the line in a way that a Premier League manager has never done before. His words and actions could come back to haunt him, forever remembered on television while plenty of managers before him worked within a closed shop, granting rare interviews and uttering carbon copy cliches during press conferences.

The story of Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool FC will continue long after the “Being: Liverpool” series ends later this month. But FOX Sports has already mentioned that they’ve considered doing more original programming. Perhaps your Premier League club could be next. The question is, would you want it?

Would you support your club’s decision if they decided to make a deal with FOX Sports to create a new “Being:” series — whether it’s “Being: Manchester United,” “Being: Chelsea,” or “Being: [insert your favorite club’s name here]”?

Would you be willing to put your manager under pressure where most of his moves and words are recorded?

Would you want the story of your club scrutinized by critics and opposition fans, looking for any opportunity to use it as a weapon?

Would you want FOX Soccer to film a “Being:” documentary about your Premier League club, or not?

Share your opinions in the comment section below.

30 thoughts on “Would You Want FOX Soccer To Film a “Being:” Documentary About Your Premier League Club?”

  1. Would I boot! It’s trite and nothing more than a stateside PR exercise, it offers very little insight and by comparison to recent alternative efforts, probably put together on a much smaller budget, is a poor effort.

  2. Being: Manchester City would be interesting. Past that I think it would be freaking awesome if they could do Being: Mario Balotelli.

  3. Gaffer
    any idea what kind of numbers it is drawing in England? the first episode was coming on in Australia the week i left. like it was said earlier it is a pr stunt to get more fans in the USA bottom line. love the updated site looks great hope your Swans get back on track before you go back to watch them.

    1. No word yet regarding what the numbers are in the UK, but I’ll keep an eye out for them and will report them on EPL Talk if/when found.

      The Gaffer

  4. Yes, definitely. Being: Arsenal would be pretty awesome, I think. I also think you are wrong about Liverpool being one of the most disliked teams in the PL. It seems to be that among the “big” teams, they are actually one of the more tolerable ones. City, United, and Chelsea are surely more disliked.

    1. As a Spurs Fan the most disliked teams and unwanted documentaries would be as follows;

      Being Farsenal:
      Being Chelski:
      Being Newchavies:
      Being Man Chity
      Being LiverDeuche

        1. LOL yeah it was, I went easy tho, no real need to overly gloat, had to put it all in perspective. AVB is doing a great job tho, very happy with the way we are moving forward. Big home game this saturday, not happy about the 4:45 start tho.

          You must have thought it was a joke or a wind up when you heard?

          1. did not make it to Perth but the trip was off the hook.went to MEL,Adel,Ayers rock Cairns dove on the reef and ended up in Sydney.the people of OZ were great very helpful.watching EPL is difficult the Man UTD Newcastle match came on 8/10 at 0200 i watched it because we were flying out the same day.

  5. not in current format – sure I’d watch Being Tottenham but I’d be leery of the angles- a true documentary would fit many teams

    I’d think smaller the club more interesting the angle a big club in this format is just a stockholder branding commerical, smaller club like a Wigan or even and Everton would likely show a whole different view of the EPL but even if a PR commercial helps a team that really needs it.

    At some point the coach/players appear to me to be going native as they say- they are playing to the camera. The 3 envelopes thing never happens if there are no cameras. The lack of tension to balance the soap is a huge show loss. The Andy Carrol back story is happening on the same timeline and he’s nowhere in this show. I’m not asking for negativeness necessarily but an opportunity to educate fans of how players may not fit squads.

  6. Rmour has it theres gonna be a version made for the man ure set in their salford shithole, its gonna be called – Being Obsessed with Liverpool.

  7. That’s a bullshit way to start the article…Liverpool are hardly one of the most hated clubs. In fact if you lived in England or ever went,you’d realize that they are one of the most respected amongst other fans. Of course if you support man utd or everton it’s a different story. Most proper football fans respect Liverpool for many reasons.

  8. Another article written by a clueless Johnny Foreigner. He has access to the Internet and some social media sites, so now he thinks he’s an expert on English football. So a bunch of glory hunting plastic wannabes, who have never set foot in England, jump on the band wagon of the EPL, make some derogatory comments about Liverpool and their views are supposed to be representative of the way people feel about them?

    As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t attend games of whatever EPL team you support then your views are irrelevent.

  9. As a US Fan, I’ve actually had zero interest in watching Being Liverpool. I’ve heard all the mixed reviews and they are not one of the teams I follow. I would be more interested if there was a Being Tottenham, but I still doubt I’d watch it.

    I think the US could use some more backgrounder info. What I would like is if there were some short weekly features of the teams leading up to the games. What was the training like, how did they prepare for the game, and some interviews with staff and players from a behind the scenes POV.

    No as personal as a documentary, but a little personal and informative to help build a connection and understanding.

  10. I’m not a Liverpool supporter, but seeing a bit of the inside workings of a well-followed club have been interesting.

    I’d love to see a bit of the other clubs and would watch that too. I’d love to see what SAF’s “hair dryer” at the half looks like. It’d be great to see how much patience is required to deal with Mario Balotelli on a day to day basis. And so on.

  11. I think the main problem with being Liverpool is the characters…. And the awkward nature of the interviews. Rogers tour of his house, after a ride home in his ‘nice’ car was odd. Forced, and viewed more like look what I have… Even worse was the Rogers meeting Valintine…. It optics of it read like a PR piece of Henry, then a doc.
    The one thing we can compare it to is the HBOs NFL training camp series, which this was clearly modeled. But the back stories in Being Liverpool didn’t really show us the same sort of insights. All I know now that I didn’t about Liverpool is the Rogers seems to like to touch everyone.

  12. Absolutely. Not just about my club, but others as well. I’m a Man Utd supporter and have to admit a guilty pleasure watching the Liverpool story.

  13. I’m in love with Being Liverpool and would be so excited if a Being Man City were made. I think people on a whole are being overly critical of the show. It gives a look in on players lives and especially a little taste of their personality (getting to know the personalities of guys like Lucas, Stevie G, Suarez, etc.), what training is like. Little things can be fascinating like how they couldn’t believe how little the Red Sox practice and how many games are played in the MLB, etc. I really love the show.

  14. I’m not so sure that American audiences are prepared for “Being: Aston Villa.” The boredom might be too much to overcome.

  15. I can see how viewers who haven’t been around the game in England might like the soap opera “Being Liverpool” and all the breathless statements from Rodgers and how they are such a happy club sitting around the camp fire singing Kumbaya. And the amount of slow motion footage is simply annoying. Next there’ll be a slow mo shot of the dinner lady serving pie and chips to the players.

    It’s hilarious how Brendon Rodgers drops the R in “important” and keeps reassuring us everyone is “impotant” at Liverpool.

    Hell, you never know if he’s as proud of the Liverpool proletariat as he says he might just pick one of the groundsmen as a strike partner for Suarez. At least he knows the turf and could advise Suarez the better areas to dive for.

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