Wayne Rooney: I Would Love Full-Time England Captaincy: The Daily EPL

Don’t worry Steven Gerrard. Wayne Rooney respects your position as captain of the England team. But if the opportunity ever did come along, Mr. Rooney would love to captain England again. In the meantime, Rooney says that he plans on leading by example and improving his behavior, helping young players and being more captain-like. See, captaincy — even if only for one night — can be a good thing. Sir Alex Ferguson, are you listening?

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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8 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney: I Would Love Full-Time England Captaincy: The Daily EPL”

  1. That dive is pathetic. Saw it at the gym this morning and even with my glasses off, blind as a bat, you could see that he tripped himself over.

    I like to watch Arsenal play with my glasses off, it allows me to empathise with Arsene Wenger.

    As for Rooney and the captaincy he’ll have to focus on keeping his dick out of any prostitutes now his missus is knocked up again.

  2. No dive read the article I posted above, Maloney admited he made contact with bale’s right leg that then triped his left. Look at the replays and you can see it.

    Or you could just ignore the confession of the player and the replay… What ever floats ur boat I guess.

  3. There’s contact and there’s contact. Two weeks running and the planet of the apes extra gives Tom Daley a run for his money. After all he’s got form:


    That ‘a touch’ seems to give players the carte blanche to collapse at will is only adding fuel to the fire for retrospective bans.

    What’s annoying is that the proponents of the ability to go to ground at will are such good players that they shouldn’t need to. That’s why fans lose respect for them.


    As for dive or not the video’s inconclusive, the majority of pundits on the radio today have gone for the ‘cheating bastard’ option.

    1. Thanks for the vid, 19 seconds in you see the initial contact. its that contact the scot is talking about. You may want t to be a dive..your choice I guess, but lets not confuse opinion with facts like Maloney admitting his contact caused the trip and the video evidence.

      As for the previous week’s incident with Bale, yes there was no contact, the keeper came out and stopped and as bale said, he dived to protect himself by leaving the ground. He got up straight away and didn’t even think about appealing as that was not his intent.. again have your opinion but the facts are there.

      Suarez and Bale are not in the same ball park for on pitch conduct, come to think of it Bale and Peter “Maradona” Crouch aren’t close either.

      Suarez in particular is on a whole other planet and it isn’t limited to diving e.g; world cup hand ball o the line and calling a fellow professional footballer negative names using their skin color as the focus. It’s quite the character reference he is building for himself on the pitch. it’s this combo that is the root of his negative rep.

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