Wayne Rooney Proves Worthy of Honor as England’s Latest Captain: The Nightly EPL

While San Marino was hardly tough opposition, Wayne Rooney played an exceptional role in England’s 5-0 win against the minnows on Friday night with a wonderful performance as captain and attacking midfielder at Wembley.

Here are tonight’s Premier League news headlines:

England 5-0 San Marino (video highlights)

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4 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney Proves Worthy of Honor as England’s Latest Captain: The Nightly EPL”

  1. I wonder if abromovich used his mafia connections to reach out to the dictators henchmen to make this happen.

    Perfect player pictures for this would be John terry and ivanovic, a great example for everyone, hey it face on a whisky made by a former dictator…lol classy Chelsea classy!

    Grand Royal – produced by a tycoon who once had links to Burma’s former military dictator – will be advertised using the Chelsea logo and images of the club’s leading stars.

    1. And don’t forget a picture of the European Cup on the bottle with the inscription ” first and only European Champion in London ” LOL

  2. Yes I’m sure England could never of managed versus San Marino without the human hair plug and I must admit not getting sent off was another fine accomplishment fitting of knighthood. Rooney truly amazing vs the mighty San Marino I’m in awe

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