Santi Cazorla: Leaving La Liga and Joining Arsenal Has Helped Me Get Noticed in Spain: The Nightly EPL

While the debate about diving rages on, there’s still plenty of real news to chew on this evening including Santi Cazorla saying that joining Arsenal has helped him get noticed in Spain. Deservedly so based on his performances thus far. Read below for more details regarding that story and much more.

Here are the Premier League news headlines tonight:

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7 thoughts on “Santi Cazorla: Leaving La Liga and Joining Arsenal Has Helped Me Get Noticed in Spain: The Nightly EPL”

  1. FA stands for Fraud Association i know i was gone when the Terry penalty came out what a freaking joke.Same offense as Suarez yet half the penalty i don’t like using the word but it stinks of racism.Terry always seem to slither away when he should get hammered one day the karma train is going to run his a$$ over.Congrats to Lord Triesman!

  2. Fully agree, the FA is an absolute disgrace for English football.
    Terry 4 games, others 12 – and they claim to punish “racism” ?? This is so ridiculous. Huth wasn’t punished for stamping cos same day they would have needed to punish RvP – an intentional elbow off the ball. Retrospective justice ?? My a** … I don’t like Cashley, but he’s right, the FA is a bunch of twats.

  3. yes, witout leavin malaga 4 arsenal, cazorla wil’nt b noticed vry wel at spanish first team plyr..enjoy your tym cazorla!! Its ur time.
    Arsenal till die?

  4. Proud to hear about how much Arsenal have helped Carzola thus far. I don’t really care whether he plays for his national team or not. To me, all he does at his club is what matters and I hope to see him prosper in his time here.

    1. It’s good for Arsenal that Spain is so good Arteta can’t get a cap. He would be a regular for any other nation, IMO. But I like that he isn’t risked in meaningless friendlies. I wonder if Spain is considering calling him now that his role has changed from his Everton days and leads Europe in passing.

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