Ryan Shawcross is an Example to Youngsters, Says Gary Neville: The Nightly EPL

Gary Neville has hailed Stoke City defender Ryan Shawcross as an example to youngsters after Stoke’s captain has been called up to Englabd’s squad.

“Any kid who has a dream should look at Ryan Shawcross maybe more than people at the highest elements of the game,” said Neville. “He is a great story and the fact he is in the England squad this week is something I am proud of.

“I remember playing with him when he was 16. He was a raw talent but someone who really wanted to make it. He wanted to use the last ounce of his energy to become a professional footballer.

“He had to leave Manchester United to get his chance. Not giving in and continuing to fight is a huge strength and he has been absolutely fantastic for Stoke.

“He deserves his opportunity this week and I am looking forward to seeing him because he represents the best of attitude, of working hard to get where you want. I am sure he will improve and get better.”

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5 thoughts on “Ryan Shawcross is an Example to Youngsters, Says Gary Neville: The Nightly EPL”

  1. just got back from vacation from down under the new look website looks great.watched the Sunday matches at 23:30 and 0200 very hard to follow did not take a computer or phone.now i have to deal with the international break what a let down.

  2. I await the responses from Sanjay of Dehli, Abdul from Dubai and Ho from Shanghai, rabid at Neville’s praise of Shawcross who should at least have had his leg amputated in sympathy for Aaron Ramsey.

  3. I like Gary Neville. I think he is dead wrong to say this guy is an example to youngsters. Infact, I would say the complete opposite. But everyone deservers a second chance and this guy has played well defensively. So I don’t mind with the call up. England needs defenders after John Terry’s exit.

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