Robin van Persie Could Face Ban After Cabaye Elbow Incident: The Daily EPL

Robin van Persie could face a ban from The FA if they decide to punish the Manchester United striker for his elbow on Yohan Cabaye from yesterday’s match against Newcastle United. With van Persie and Rooney on song for United right now, that’s the last thing that Sir Alex Ferguson would want.

Today’s a bumper day for Premier League-related news. Here are the main headlines today:

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12 thoughts on “Robin van Persie Could Face Ban After Cabaye Elbow Incident: The Daily EPL”

        1. I agree. What a disgrace that the FA doesn’t do anything to Huth for his stomp. Also, only giving a 2,500 pound fine to Stoke for having 6 players booked is a joke. How about making it 250,000 pounds. That might get Stoke to think twice about playing rugby-style soccer.

          The FA’s actions in the Huth, RVP and Tiote cases show what a joke they are.

  1. never mind what Van dirty is doing..shock horror, Van dirty elbows someone…c’mon hardly news, and now he plays under Ferguson no way the Ferguson Association are going to do anything. All these other headlines are hiding the madness of Jon Jo Shelvy being a senior squad selection for Hodgson. What a joke.. HAs hodgpodge got an appearance fee percentage with LFC players or something, downing, henderson, now JJS…. the mess continues.

    1. Im suprised he hasn’t called up that former Liverpool legend Emile Heskey yet. Maybe try and get John barnes to come out of retirement to play beside fat Frank.

      1. I wonder where the nickname “fat Frank” came from. Why do you people like to call him that? He isn’t really fat, is he?

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