Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 7: Open Thread

Four matches to savor and enjoy today before we have two weeks of no Premier League football due to the dreaded international break.

Hopefully today’s action can be at least as good as yesterday’s matches.

Southampton vs Fulham, 8:30am, FOX Soccer
Liverpool vs Stoke, 10am, FOX Soccer Plus and FOX Soccer 2Go
Tottenham vs Aston Villa, 10am, FOX Soccer 2Go
Newcastle United vs Manchester United, 11am, FOX Soccer and, on tape delay, on FOX either at 2pm ET or 4:30pm ET

The early kick-off between Southampton and Fulham should be an entertaining match filled with goals. That’s followed by a choice of either Tottenham against Aston Villa or Liverpool against Stoke. Both matches have their pluses, but I wouldn’t write off either Aston Villa or Stoke in these two.

Last but not least, we have the big match of the day between Newcastle United and Manchester United at 11am ET, live on FOX Soccer. This one promises to be a high-scoring match. For viewers in the United States, the game will also be shown on tape delay on the free-to-air FOX network later this afternoon (check your local listings).

Before, during or after today’s Premier League matches, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

35 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 7: Open Thread”

  1. Supporting Stoke and Newcastle in their respective matches. I’m confident about both these teams’ chances. As for the other two matches, I’m probably neutral. Would be glad to see Southampton have a good result though, as I pity them a bit.

    Sigh, international break again :( Another 2 long weeks to wait.

  2. Given Stoke’s record against Liverpool over the years I’ll take a draw. We haven’t beaten them at Anfield since 1959.

    No Pennant, Owen will be on the bench. Adam and Crouch should start.

  3. Well it’s only one half of football, but from watching them today I would be shocked to see the Saints going down this year. Good-looking club I think. Certainly by far the better side in this one. They’re only on three points but I think they’ve had a pretty rough go of it schedule-wise thus far. (City, United, Arsenal, Everton and three of the 4 away.)

    1. No newly promoted club has stopped up having lost there first three games, they’ve already lost four.

      They really need to sharpen that defence up and stop making daft mistakes.

  4. It’ll be interesting to see if Huth gets pulled up by the FA for walking on Suarez.

    Sounds like we’re grinding this one. Rodgers is trying to develop his own beautiful passing gnomes, or should that be diddy-men with it being Liverpool (I wonder how many people wil get that reference to a scouse legend).

    Saracens are beating London Welsh this afternoon, I’d love to see us give them a game.

  5. Why do you continue to post this Idiotic picture for WC qualifiers. This break isn’t for the various FA’s to line their bank accounts, It is a WORLD CUP qualifier.
    It’s almost as dumb as Eric Wynalda saying, ‘while every one is waiting for Van Persie to blend int the squad (7 goals in 7 games), I’m waiting for Cisse and Ba to play together’.

    1. …because the World Cup qualifiers are awful. What do we have to look forward to? An England friendly against San Marino and then a game against Poland? As this is a site about the EPL, it’s ridiculous that the international matches break up the season they way they do.

      The Gaffer

  6. Boring, boring City! I’ll take that every day of the week at Anfield.

    Stan Collymore must have said ‘no one in the box’ about 15 times in the last 20 minutes when Liverpool attacked.

    Man Utd next, I can’t see us getting the same result somehow.

  7. Liverpool and Stoke both with their usual. Two egregious dives by Suarez by my count. Maybe a little less than usual there, but not wildly out of line.

  8. Hard to tell the negative Tony Gale is an ex arsenal player

    First clean sheet is with Hugo Lloris in goal is no mistake either.

    Looking forward to the 20th.

    Boooo the international break, we beat San Marino and draw or loose against Poland. Ok now we know the results can we get back to the BPL now.


      1. Given the form of Chelsea it will be a difficult game, then you add in the circus around it all with AVB’s first game against his former assistant RDM.

        I expect a close game but a win none the less, I don’t think a draw would be viewed as a good result by AVB either. One thing for sure… A loss to CFC would be disappointing.

        What about CFC would a draw be acceptable?

        1. I know its a difficult question because you have to see how the match is developing to then know if a draw is a good result. I like you expect a win because we’re better but if we have a player sent off and come back to draw I’ll be thrilled.

      1. I don’t understand why he says it. It’s not like he’s saying it for American viewers. They don’t say “second half kick” in American throwball so it’s just stupid. If he keeps it up I going to just start abusing him on Twitteruntil he stops.

      1. It looked pretty clear to me that the ball was behind the line. On replay of course (not in real-time).

        I’m not sure what I’m missing if you’re saying it didn’t.

        It’s a moot point now, 3-0 United.

        1. The angles used didn’t show any daylight between the goal line and the ball (like the terry clearance in the euros did) It didn’t go over. It could have changed the game if given.

  9. Liverpool still struggling at home. Would have loved Stoke to get a winner though. At least the assuring thing is that Liverpool still have not risen higher than 14th, their same position before this weekend.

  10. Much better performance today. Our midfield did well and wasn’t overrun all day long, it’s amazing what happens when you have players in the middle of the pitch who have the legs to attack, defend AND make the odd ball winning tackle.

      1. You think so? In what way? By the way you’re referring to the 2 characters in the story written by Robert Louis Stevenson right?

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