Panathinaikos v Spurs, Liverpool v Udinese and Newcastle v Bordeaux, Europa League: Open Thread

Three of the top teams in the Premier League are in action today in the Europa League. Tottenham Hotspur starts the action first at 1pm ET with their game against Greek side Panathinaikos. Clint Dempsey and Hugo Lloris get the start for the Lilywhites.

Then at 3pm ET, Liverpool plays Udinese, while Newcastle is home against Bordeaux. All three matches are intriguing and will be shown live on US TV and Internet as follows:

Panathinaikos vs Spurs, 1pm, FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer 2Go
Liverpool vs Udinese, 3pm, FOX Soccer and FOX Soccer 2Go
Newcastle vs Bordeaux, 3pm, FOX Soccer Plus and FOX Soccer 2Go

Tottenham’s starting line-up is as follows:

Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Caulker, Vertonghen, Dembele, Huddlestone, Lennon, Dempsey, Bale, Defoe.

For all of the talk about Tottenham’s impressive Premier League form, Andre Villas-Boas is committed to making a long run in the Europa League, hence the strong side today.

Before, during and after today’s matches, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

24 thoughts on “Panathinaikos v Spurs, Liverpool v Udinese and Newcastle v Bordeaux, Europa League: Open Thread”

  1. The Europa league theme sounds like the melody in the scene from close encounters of the third kind where the french scientist goes to india and they are all singing in the desert.


  2. Hey Dust, how good of a club do you think this Greek team is? Like maybe equivalent to a Stoke or Fulham or some such?

  3. The commentators on Fox Soccer channel are awful. The ones on foxsoccer2go for the same game, Spurs vs Panathinaikos, are better. Not only are they awful but it looks like they have turned the crowd noise down while the foxsoccer2go coverage doesn’t do that.

    Nice header by Dawson to put Spurs ahead. Deserved lead.

      1. I think it’s a good example of how far FOX Soccer has come. For Europa League games, this is the FOX Soccer of old. It’s their old studio and a format that is very similar to what they used to provide, versus the new-and-improved coverage of their EPL and Champions League games in the new studio with the better analysts.

        The Gaffer

  4. I like Mcbride, IF he is given time to develop, he has good knowledge of the game, but as for in game commentating…not so much, he should stick to analysis, he is better than barton and wynalda

  5. Dawsons goal was good, Hiddlestone has surprised me he has been very good so far.

    Dawsons defensive performance has not been so good, he looks alot slower than vert, caulker and walker. he has been caught a few times already, given up the ball and given away free kicks in dangerous areas.

    Yes the goal was good and looked like it had been practiced on the training ground.

    I think lennon should be rested for the weekend, as should dembele. From what I read and hear I think Ade may get his first start on the weekend against Villa.

  6. Caulker looks good too. Im surprised shawcross got in ahead of caulker for England, especially if it is about the future. actually wait there, no Im not surprised as hodgepodge is manager.

    In his press conference he said he is sticking to picking the players he did at the euros as a reason for not picking rio. but 1) picks shawcross, did i miss something? did shawcross play at the euros? and 2) he said at the euro’s he was picking the squad based of the lack of time he had to prepare and to give the players that got them to the euro’s the chance.

    Sounds like roy is full of it and doesn’t have a clue what he has said, he is inconsistent.

    After this next damn international break with us only getting 2 draws people will start to talk about Pardew. The 8 year contract is all about ashley anticipating the fa calling and wanting to get as much as possible for AP.

    i woud take pardew over roy all day!

  7. And that is why Dawson isn’t a regular, completely exposed through the middles, very lucky spurs there very lucky. walker had to come over

  8. UEFA refs that do european competitions be it UCL or Europa need to be consistent, How the Dortmund hand ball was a penalty but the Panithanikos in the first 5 mins of the game not be is beyond me. SO blatant.

      1. Why would Chelsea sign Parker when they had Ramires, Lampard and Mikel?? Parker is too 1-dimensional for the style of play Chelsea(RDM) is trying to implement.

        1. I don’t think he is one dimensional and He has great intangibles and likes to play physically. I didn’t like him when he was with us 7 years ago but now all is forgiven.

  9. I dont understand how Henderson likes to pass backwards and sideways so much. Its not like he doesn’t have the ability to be more incisive with his passes. If the window is too small, he always go with the safe pass rather than the penetrating one.

  10. All this crap dumping on Dawson is so annoying. Dawson is great player and team leader, granted he has been out for a while but the only to improve is to play. Do players get caught off guard; of course it happens all the time. I should know since I play. I swear if some the arm chair pundits/ know it alls on this blog would get of their lazy butts and try doing the same thing it might dawn on them. It is so easy to sound like an expert (or think you are) when you aren’t doing it. If you want perfection, well there is no such thing.

      1. Paul, Where did I every say I was an expert. Are you an expert? However, Paul unlike you have the guts to put my work out there for the whole to view (good or bad) unlike you others. Might do you some good to get off your butt and move around.

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