Red Bulls News – Erik Soler Demoted For De Bontin

With three league matches remaining in the 2012 MLS Schedule, the New York Red Bulls have made a surprising switch at the top level of their club. Erik Soler has been demoted into an advisory role, and New York’s new General Manager will be Jerome de Bontin.

As former President of AS Monaco in French Ligue 1, de Bontin was at the Monegasque club from early 2008 until the spring of 2009. He also served as a board member of the club for seven years and chaired their development committee. He is also on the board of the US Soccer Foundation, and is involved in both the investment committee as well as the Player Development Task Force.

Gerard Houllier, who is the new global director of Soccer for all of the clubs affiliated with Red Bull, made the move. It seems that it would put a lot of pressure on current Head Coach Hans Backe to win the MLS Cup title to cap this season. This move is very surprising and at the same time perplexing.

3 thoughts on “Red Bulls News – Erik Soler Demoted For De Bontin”

  1. Surprising ? Two words for you



    Solar just wasn’t very good. Henry would have come there no matter who was GM, the rest of the team is a dime a dozen, non-playoff team.

  2. You do know Charles that the Red Bulls are in 2nd Place right now in the East, so I would say they are a playoff team.

    1. They are 5 points from missing the playoffs, 6 actually because of a crazy MLS mid-season rule designed to help NY and LA.

      Surely you think Henry produced more than 5 of their point total ?

      Without him, they are definitely a NON-playoff team, not even a debatable question.

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