Manchester City vs Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal vs Olympiakos: Open Thread

The champions of England play the champions of Germany today when Manchester City host Borussia Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League. After City’s frustrating loss against Real Madrid at Stadio Bernabeu, Manchester City must get a win under their belt today against a very tough German team in order to boost their confidence and raise their hopes of progressing through these difficult round.

Meanwhile, further south in England, Arsenal is at home against Greek side Olympiakos. After Arsenal got an away win against Montpellier, a win today will put them in pole position to top the group, so they can concentrate on regaining their form in the Premier League after the disappointing loss against Chelsea last weekend.

For viewers in the United States, here’s the TV schedule for today’s two matches.

Before, during and after today’s Champions League matches, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

35 thoughts on “Manchester City vs Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal vs Olympiakos: Open Thread”

    1. Well unlike other clubs in the CL city do not force season ticket holders to cup games. Also the stadium capacity is reduced in Europe but they still managed only to have as many empty seats as Utd and Chelsea in their last home games in the CL funny you i dont recall you mentioning that! Hate City much? Lol
      Utd and the others do force fans to go this also means city sold more as Utd have a guaranteed 62k? Chelsea? Arsenal?(it should be 66k at utd but they couldnt sell all the season tickets again! I had to get that in!)so only 12 thousand bothered to buy tickets where as all bought for city game with no arms behind back anywhere this counts the same for Arsenal and Chelsea. I don’t know if spurs use this distasteful sales ploy but I know City don’t.

      P.S I do presume you know that when City were in the old 2nd div in 2001 they had a higher average attendance than the club you follow even though you had a bigger stadium and were in the premier league with a team full of stars! What’s up with that? Lmao. The bitterness just takes any opportunity to shine through doesn’t it! Keep up the hating!

  1. Yeah those Dortmund supporters are very impressive. That has to be the loudest and most vigourous away support I can ever remember.

    I don’t know a great deal about the Bundesliga but this kind of makes me want to follow it more.

    1. Its better than la liga and Dortmund are a very very good side too so city are not doing so bad. Klopp is an extremely good tactician and manager for Dortmund

  2. lol @ Mancini putting on Kolarov for Nasri with so much time left. Now City is down 1 goal and he only has 1 sub left.

    Tevez or Balotelli?

    1. Nasri has been at less than full health lately so that might have been why.

      Tevez ordinarily, but with City playing so terribly and out of sync I’d try to catch that Balotelli lightning in a bottle.

          1. Nasri isn’t fully match fit there’s a difference you would only be saying the same in the next game he has to be played to get it.

    1. Yeah, does Joe Hart have to play these CL games by himself or something? Just terrible defence (other than Zabaleta).

  3. its the lack of a real holding midfielder for city. Dortmund playing the 5 man midfield with 2 actual holding midfielder, look at how they defend from the midfield.

  4. Well in fairness City kind of got the worst of a few bad calls in the premiership thus far (particularly Stoke but also that egregious call against Fulham.)

    Exciting match, though! This is why we love football.

  5. No one’s talking about the Arsenal game. The first half was very poor with Olympiakos playing very defensively on the counter attack. We struggled to break them down with most of our attacks coming down the right and should have gone into the break behind.

    The second half was much improved. The left hand side was used more so we actually stretched them and once we had the second goal Olympiakos seemed to tire and lose their shape.

    Our full backs were both immense but the center defence is worrying and Mannone’s distribution is a liability. Also worrying is our dependence on Arteta and Carzola, who can’t continue to play every game. Gervinho though. Who predicted he’d do this well this season?

    1. Gervinho scored and assisted goals in Lille. But in England, even though you have great movement off the ball and get yourself in scoring positions. If you dont score goals then you are rubbish.
      On the other hand, if you can throw your weight about and get the odd tap in or header then you are great.

  6. Imagine if City had kept Given above Hart 2 years ago, and he decided to walk as a result. Say what you will about Mancini’s selections today, but that decision (which was certainly questioned at the time) has done more for city than any other. He was on another level today. It reminded me of that opening day Spurs match.

    1. That would mean they would still have Hughes as there was no way Mancini would pick given over hart. So they’d still be in 6th or 7th!

  7. Man City start the Champions League just like last year with a loss and draw in the first two games and will have a very difficult time progressing further. I guess there’s more to soccer than money.

  8. Sigh, Dortmund were harshly robbed! They didn’t deserve that penalty. Well, I guess life gets unfair for everyone at times. I didn’t expect City to play poorly at home as I thought they’d always been strong there. Anyway, when they are back in EPL action on Saturday they’ll probably get back to their winning ways and it’ll be business again as usual.

    I’ll have to watch the Arsenal game before I can properly comment on it but it’s interesting to me that Ramsey scored. Can’t wait to see his goal on TV. Gervhino apparently can score too, he just needs to be consistent with his finishing. Giroud unfortunately isn’t scoring a lot but I hope people don’t get harsh on him. You cannot expect all strikers to be in top form all the time. Anyway, well done Gunners! Keep it up! I’m proud of your season so far.

    1. What do you mean? The guy stood there like a scarecrow of course it’s a penalty I mean what could his excuse for his arm being there Like tat? ‘i seen the goodyear blimp and though id point it out’? lol. They know and are told keep arms to the body, he was making himself big that all. He took a gamble and lost and that’s against the rules, it’s called a penalty! City played poorly yes, players that always turn up didn’t Yaya was awful! Dzeko is much better from the bench if he likes it or not Lescott is much better than the very promising 19 year old youngster nasty. Rodwell seems cursed at the min. But i take nothing from Dortmund they looked very good which as German champions they should do but how much of that was down to how bad city were? We’ll see in the next leg.

      You may hate it but it was a penalty. it may have spoilt your day as you thought city were getting beat but Dortmund just couldn’t finish the job, a valiant effort but just not quite good enough

      . Wow how much do some people hope with all there hearts city fail!! Sad really.

      1. Ok I must admit you’re right about that penalty. But even then I think the result is still rather harsh on Dortmund, given that they dominated City in the game. They just couldn’t finish the match off which was unfortunate given their performance, but I guess this is something that plagues other teams too from time to time. I think that’s more like what I meant, maybe I just didn’t choose my words properly.

        Yes, in a way, I do enjoy seeing City do badly as they are one of the teams I dislike. You are a City fan, and I guess it is always sad to see others hating your club. But every club has its haters, including mine. So you need not dwell too much on that. And if people dislike a team, they tend to be biased against them as well which can get especially annoying, but I guess this is good sometimes in the sense that it makes room for a bit of banter. As long as we aren’t too sensitive, this should be fine.

        1. Sammy it’s not harsh one bit they had the chances but couldn’t do it. Same as City in Madrid. If you don’t score more than the opposition you won’t win.
          Munich dominated the Champions league final but Chelsea are the Champions and rightly so. If the ball doesn’t go in the opinion bag it doesn’t mater if you had 50 shots on target and 60% possession (which incidentally was more like what City had).

          The haters of my club are new and mostly through bitterness and jealousy as we are the same fans, the same club we just have a team that cost as much as Utd’s or Chelsea’s now and are successful. So the reason for the dislike from some not all others is very clear.

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