Gary Neville Pinpoints Defensive Mistakes In Manchester United Side [VIDEO]

Gary Neville’s tactical analysis alone is worth a Sky Sports subscription if you live in the United Kingdom. The former Manchester United defender continues to be a revelation in front of the TV camera. This week on the Monday Night Football segment on Sky Sports in the UK, Neville pinpointed Manchester United’s numerous defensive mistakes they made against Tottenham Hotspur at the weekend.

Not only is Neville’s analysis spot-on, but he also explains it in a clear and precise manner.

Neville’s analysis is lightyears ahead of any other English-language football analysis on television.

The quality of the video and audio is poor, but have patience, turn up the volume and prepare to learn something!

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5 thoughts on “Gary Neville Pinpoints Defensive Mistakes In Manchester United Side [VIDEO]”

  1. Gary Pilkington is not a fav of mine but on this occasion he is correct when looking at the defensive positioning, but its not the whole story, he has picked it up from a diff point in the play and ignored the midfield breakdowns and focused on what the defense could have done after the midfield was exposed.

    Verts run should have been stopped in the midfield as should Bales and Dempsey’s. Yes the defense could play tighter but that is not going to stop the goals from saturday.

    If you watch again, look where he starts the footage from, they are in the middle third of the park.

    Its also easy for Gary Pilk to say that when he was playing at Man utd he could get forward as long as he could get back, and that the wingbacks have to sprint back.

    But he didn’t have to do that much because of the midfield players he had around him, they did defend better and cover so they didn’t let that happen to much. He played against teams with 4-4-2 systems at Utd so the midfield weren’t over run as much, if ever.

    The 5 man midfield AVB plays did run over ran the Utd midfield in the 1st half, exposing poor defensive positioning.

    He says the “Attitude” changed in the second half, and it did but it wasn’t the back fours “attitude” as they still had poor positioning and let in the Dempsey goal, what changed is the Midfield had more bite and defended more effectively, that and Rooney drew in the extra man nullifying the 5 man midfield to a degree.

    The “rope” he refers to is the cover system of defending, but if you are trying to play a different defensive system that uses say the offside trap with a high line the the “rope” or cover responsibilities lay with the holding midfielders.

    If you watch film of spurs at any point this season, the high line and attacking full backs are always covered by Sandro or Dembele when they romp forward. This is one of the reasons the 4-2-3-1 is so popular on the continent and with man city and bow chalesa, because it can still be very aggressive in attacking but can also be very strong defensively. Look at the total 1st half domination by spurs and the second half defensive effort with counter attack from Dempsey for the goal.

    4-4-2 just doesn’t cut it at that level against a 4-2-3-1.

    I think it highlights more just how horrible the fox coverage is in comparison to sky. the fact that they have a segment at any point on the channel dedicated to tactical analysis is way more telling.

    There are no Fox soccer or ESPN shows that break down tactics of any games. lalas did use the table during the euro’s but it was brief and didn’t show any insight it was just replays of what happened with fancy graphics.

    Fox soccer and ESPN football coverage in the states is setup for drama, rumor and conjecture, like a magazine show. Their shows are more like TMZ and access hollywood for football. SKY, BBC, Canal Sports, Aljazera all offer better analysis and pundits.

    Just watching the big board with warren and Mcbride for the city UCL game as i type this…need I say more. The thing is Mcbride is smart just not very articulate under the lights. the training he gave to the wembley FC lot on NBC sports shows he has a better understanding than he just displayed moving 4 poker chip graphics closer.

    1. Wow. As a Utd. fan this was nice to read. I’m at work, so I can’t wait to see Neville’s analysis when I get home. Living in the states, I don’t get SKY but I wish stuff like this would be on TV.

  2. It was the same last year when Phil Jones’ terrible positional sense cost United but Ferdinand was blamed for them too.

  3. Gary Neville does some awesome analysis. His understanding o the game is far deeper than anyone else I’ve heard. With that said, the game wasn’t solely lost by ManU because of poor defense, at least some of the credit goes to Spurs lightning fast counter attack in Bale and Lennon. No team can match their pace.

  4. We need more tactical analysis so why not just pump in what Sky is doing rather than have analyst over here. Warren Barton is good but he could do some more stuff like Neville is doing. But why not just give us all the English content, including MOTD. We watch Fox Soccer for the EPL (without it the channel would fold) so it makes since that the punditry and analysis come from England as well.

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