Carlo Ancelotti Fuels Ashley Cole Rumors By Calling Him World’s Best: The Daily EPL

Paris Saint-Germain manager is making eyes at Carlo Ancelotti. The former Chelsea boss is obviously trying to win Cole’s attention by coming out and saying that Cole is the world’s best left back, hoping that he can convince Cole to join him in France. While Cole is a sensational defender, he hasn’t looked his best in recent weeks this season. Not that Ancelotti minds.

Here are today’s Premier League news headlines:

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3 thoughts on “Carlo Ancelotti Fuels Ashley Cole Rumors By Calling Him World’s Best: The Daily EPL”

  1. At least he scored in Chelsea’s recent match against Stoke…

    “Foreign players more likely to dive”. Really? I wonder what makes Fergie think so. The only logical way I can see this happening is that foreign players find themselves treated unfairly by officials, and thus see the need to cheat to eliminate this treatment. Much like what Brendan Rodgers has claimed about Liverpool’s treatment by referees.

    Furthermore, I remember Andy Carroll’s blatant dive against Newcastle last season. Don’t see any difference between that and other dives by foreign players.

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