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Why FOX Soccer Needs Their Own Version of Match Of The Day

fox soccer logo Why FOX Soccer Needs Their Own Version of Match Of The Day

It was an incredibly rare Premier League weekend for me. Instead of being glued to the television set on Saturday and Sunday while watching Premier League matches, I watched the early kickoff between Arsenal and Chelsea followed by the first half of Stoke City against Swansea.

As soon as the first half whistle blew at the Britannia Stadium, I spent the rest of Saturday helping my wife at a major food truck in South Florida. I purposely cut off all communications with Internet and television so it wouldn’t ruin my enjoyment of catching up on the games as soon as I had a chance to watch them. That time finally came on Sunday lunchtime. However, I faced a problem.

As many of you are probably aware, the options to legally watch highlights of Premier League matches on US TV or Internet are severely limited. I wanted to catch up on all of the games by watching highlights that would help show me the key moments that happened in the game without telling me the score until the highlights package was over.

My choices were:

  1. Watch Goals On Sunday on FOX Soccer,
  2. Watch the Premier League match highlights on
  3. Watch or fast forward through the games I had DVR’d or could watch on-demand on FOX Soccer 2Go, or
  4. Watch the Premier League Review Show on Sunday night.

However, each of the options has its fault. With Goals On Sunday, I would have to sit through the entire show to get to what I want. But even then, Goals On Sunday usually shows a very abbreviated version of what happened in the game, which wouldn’t give me a complete understanding of how the game progressed.

I could watch the Premier League match highlights on, but at the beginning of each video, it reveals the final score of the game before I’ve had a chance to see how the game evolved.

I could watch or fast forward through the games I had on demand and DVR’d, but that would be very time consuming on a day when I’d love to watch the matches, but was having a birthday party later that day. Or I could watch the Premier League Review Show on Sunday night, but that’s an awfully long time to wait (from Saturday morning through Sunday night without knowing what happened).

The option I chose was to watch as much Premier League games on demand and DVR that I could squeeze in. I watched the second half of Stoke-Swansea followed by Fulham-Manchester City, and then the 90 scintillating minutes of Manchester United-Tottenham.

I realized that what was missing in my weekend was Match Of The Day. If you’ve never watched it, it appears on Saturday night on BBC Television in the United Kingdom and shows the highlights of each match in painstaking detail without revealing the final score when the highlight reel kicks off. It lets the game tell the story. On top of that, it sometimes provides excellent analysis regarding key moments or plays in the game. It’s not perfect, but it’s the perfect show for someone who just wants to watch a highlights package in a timely manner.

While FOX Soccer won’t be buying the rights to Match Of The Day anytime soon (if ever), it still owns the rights to the Premier League match highlights on US TV and Internet. As of today, FOX Soccer makes the Premier League highlights available during their half-time and post-match analysis throughout their Premier League games, as well as some on FOX Soccer News in addition to the aforementioned website. But FOX Soccer is missing out on a golden opportunity to produce a Saturday night EPL highlights show of its own. It doesn’t have to be anything flashy. It doesn’t have to feature a lot of talk. It just needs to be the highlights from the Saturday games in a 60 minute show.

A 60-minute highlights show on FOX Soccer on Saturday nights would appeal to hardcore fans as well as new fans who are just getting into the sport or league. FOX already has the rights, so why not create a show to make the most of the highlights rights that they’ve already paid a massive amount of money for?

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