Aston Villa vs West Bromwich Albion, Gameweek 6: Open Thread

It’s not often that Aston Villa or West Bromwich Albion gets featured as the marquee match on a Sunday, but since we have an opportunity to watch both clubs in isolation as the only match today, the Midlands derby should be a delightful one between two teams that have shown some promise this season.

After Aston Villa’s convincing victory against Swansea recently, the Villains will be hoping to put on another similar display today against a West Bromwich Albion side who have surprised many by how well they’ve played so far this season.

While we may not expect to see what happened like this below in a video from another Midlands Derby (although it would be quite wonderful to see that happen again), this one should be a great match for the neutral to watch.

Before, during or after today’s match, post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

7 thoughts on “Aston Villa vs West Bromwich Albion, Gameweek 6: Open Thread”

    1. I do. I was hoping to see Lukaku play but his on the bench and I want to see if Aston Villa is going to be any challenge to Spurs next week.

      1. they will offer a challenge, if bent play’s. He always ups his game after feeling he was never given a chance to grow at the club.

        I dont see why we can’t win 2 or 3 – 0

        1. I like Lambert and I think he will have Villa playing well in the springtime. The spurs will be on Europa duty on Thursday so perhaps Villa will be a banana peel match but that’s a big if.

  1. For those that watched the Man Utd Spurs game, you have to have seen how slow Brad was to get down for those shots, his poor positioning on set pieces again.

    Yes he made some good saves, but Lloris would also have made them. Lloris WOULD have got down for Nanis strike and for Kagawa’s when you look back on the game you see it. I think Lloris will start for the Chelsea game (fingers crossed)

    1. I agree; I think Brad’s finally slowing down in the net. Time catches up to all, and there’s no shame in that, just don’t start him! He’s been a great ambassador for the U.S., but it’s time to move aside.

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