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SAT, 2:30PM ET

Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 6: Open Thread

number 6 Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 6: Open Thread

Today’s one of those rare Premier League Saturdays when all of the big clubs in the division are playing on the same day. Arsenal kicks things off against Chelsea at 7:45am ET/12:45pm BST in a match that will be another test of whether the Gunners are the real deal this season. After beating Liverpool, almost defeating Manchester City and staying undefeated this season, a win against Chelsea will be a massive confidence boost for their pursuit of a Premier League title even if it is still early days.

Following the early kick-off, there are six Premier League matches being played at 10am/3pm BST. Depending on your allegiances, the pick of the bunch could be Fulham against Manchester City. Or Norwich against Liverpool. Perhaps high-flying Everton against leaky defense Southampton? Of course, there’s always Stoke against Swansea, Reading against Newcastle and Sunderland versus Wigan.

Last but not least, the late kick-off is Manchester United against Tottenham Hotspur. Can  the Lilywhites get their first league victory at Old Trafford since 1989?

Before, during and after today’s matches, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

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45 Responses to Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 6: Open Thread

  1. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Just been listening to the build up to the early KO on Talksport. Giroud’s back on the bench after finding his level mid week. I will be interested to see the Arsenal fans reaction if Chelsea behave as they did last week and win today’s game.

    As for Stoke it’s sunny but looks like there will be showers, 15c so not too warm. Rumours going round that a Malaysian businessman has offered the Stoke players £100,000 each to try a bit harder today. Laudrup will not be impressed.

    Another draw I suspect but we really need a win by now.

    Not sure what to expect of Swansea, their start reminds me of Wolves last year.

    Spurs vs The Shit will be interesting later.

  2. Sacto Blues says:

    Good game so far for Chelsea but I worry that Torres by himself as a lone striker is good for the smash and grab goal but not for sustained pressure and put Arsenal away.

  3. The Gaffer says:

    Sorry, but I don’t have a lot of time or patience for Aaron Ramsey. I haven’t been convinced of him for Wales or Arsenal. He’s just far too inconsistent.

    The Gaffer

  4. The Gaffer says:

    Steve Bould is going to crucify Laurent Koscielny after this match.

    The Gaffer

  5. Dust says:

    LOL koschielny is terrible

  6. Dust says:

    Mata has been the difference, at the center of all Chelsea productive attacks

  7. PaulF says:

    Koscielny has always been suspect when it comes to set pieces.

  8. Sacto Blues says:

    Luck of the green that Giroud flubbed that shot.

  9. Jack Tomczuk says:

    After last week’s performance at the Etihad, I though Arsenal were title contenders. Unfortunately, we’re not there yet. Not after that woeful display at home.

  10. Why? says:

    Who said the league champions get favors from refs? Its like they are gunning for them! That wasn’t only outside the box but nowhere even near a foul. Whats going on with them?

  11. Andrei says:

    What’s up with all this diving today? David Luiz, Jenkinson and now Riise.

  12. Why? says:

    Looks like for City to get a pen it would have to be a knife attack! Three shout already every one much more a pen than given for fulham.

  13. Why? says:

    Which Balotelli will it be today? They don’t need the one from the villa game that’s for sure

  14. Why? says:

    Well justice in the end but getting a bit sick of reffing errors against them. That was the City of last season, funny it coincides with Barry’s return.

  15. PaulF says:

    When will SAF learn?? Playing Scholes and Giggs against Tottenham thoroughbreds is just asking for trouble.

  16. Sacto Blues says:

    Quality finish from Bale. Dust must be beside himself with glee.

  17. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Just back. Like watching a rerun of last season’s match only without Vorm rolling the ball out all the time. Stoke were pretty comfortable most of the first half. Swansea made a go of it for about 30 minutes in the second half, they just seem to have no end product whenever I see them in the flesh. Nzonzi or Geoff Cameron MOM for me if you take Crouch out of the equation. The American was drawing all the plaudits from people around me.

    Funny to see the Swansea 33 booked for diving after all the fuss over Pulis’s comments this week.

    Told you Spurs vs The Shit would be good.

  18. Sacto Blues says:

    Incredible match. Ferdinand and Evra are not what they used to be.

    • PaulF says:

      stupid statement. Do you know how fast Gareth bale is? Name me one CB that could have stopped him without giving away a penalty??

      • Sacto Blues says:

        Not just Bale’s goal but the whole first half both Ferdinand and Evra weren’t what they were like back say 2010 or 2009.

  19. Why? says:

    Wow, Spuds weren’t cheated against utd for a change! lol

  20. dust says:

    Great result today, So pleased for the players AVB and his coaching team. Its a day to celebrate breaking a curse. Its not easy to go to utd and get a win.

    I hope all the AVB haters that judged to early, that were willing to throw him under the buss without giving him time.

    Its not winning the premier league, but it looks like we are heading in the right direction. looks like 4-2-3-1 is fine huh. Haters LOL

  21. dust says:

    trying to contain my jubilee! it was a great performance. Stoke too I see what a day!

  22. dust says:

    You can bet your bottom dollar Ill be watching that game again…and again…and maybe even…again

  23. dust says:

    Last minute winners…looks like city are the new Utd

  24. dust says:

    The dominance we had in the 1st 45 was absolutely ridiculous. SUPER SUPER JAN SUPER SUPER JAN SUPER SUPER JAN SUPER JAN VERTONGHAN


  25. dust says:

    AVB’ Blue and White army!

    I expect that to ring out at the lane next home game! Cant wait for the Chelsea game at the lane!

  26. dust says:

    time to sit back relax and enjoy a monte cristo and the Auchentoshan 21 yr!

  27. dust says:

    SAF Really?

    what a joke…4 ins of extra time not good enough LOL

    • gbewing says:

      I’ve never seen SAF be a gracious winner- that’s par for the course
      didn’t mention yellows for Kagawa’s repeated dives

    • Sammy says:

      If I’m not wrong, SAF has said something similar before when his team also lost a match. Sometimes he just can’t accept a loss and and has to find excuses and faults for it. By the way, the injury time given wassn’t 4 minutes, it was four and a half to be exact. That makes what he said even more unbelievable.

  28. Matthew says:

    Tottenham victory over Utd. was impressive and something to celebrate. However, Utd. played awful the first half of the match. If they had played as they did in the second half I think the result would have been different. Even with this victory, I still don’t like AVB or Levy.

    • PaulF says:

      They didn’t play like that in the first half because they couldn’t. What game were you watching? Once they took out Giggs and put Rooney in, the game changed. Spurs not pressing anymore also made it a much more favorable game for United.
      Give Spurs credit rather than saying United were awful.

      • Matthew says:

        What part of impressive don’t you understand, that is giving them credit.

        • gbewing says:

          it’s a backhanded compliment -I can just as easily say if Spurs would have not sat as deep to solely defend and selectively countered MU -it would have been 4/5-2- MU back 4 didn’t stop a counter attack all day
          but say Spurs dominated the 1rst half and MU the 2nd half -but Spurs did find a way to score in 2nd half while MU didn’t have a shot in 1rst half-they were beaten- all they could do was beg for PKs

  29. Sammy says:

    Haven’t been coming on this site regularly in the past few days as I’m still struggling to come to terms with the new webpage design.

    Well anyway… Yes, Arsenal lost, of course I’m disappointed. My local newspaper reported that this was an Arsenal “back to their bad old ways”. I can’t say whether or not I agree with that, but if it is true, I actually find it sorta encouraging. Because this might mean that we do not lack the talent to win games, but when we lose like in this game, it’s when the players somehow made many mistakes or were in poor form. The other thing that assurres me is the fact that Chelsea are a really strong team, perhaps better than Arsenal so it’s not such a tragedy that we lost to them.

    Really hope we don’t blunder in future games too often though. Next up in the Premier league are West Ham, Norwich and QPR so i’m confident of good results from these matches. The upcoming Champions League game shouldn’t be that difficult either.

    Speaking about other teams, we definitely cannot ignore Everton’ start to this season so far. They have simply been fantastic, not only in their results but also the performances of their players. Looks like they really may be in the Champions’ League race, and hopefully(although unrealistic), will fight for the title. Would be great to see a team other than the traditionally big teams up there at the top.

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