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Check out the link to the YouTube video above, well worth a look from FIFA 13…

In previous years, FIFA players could have been accused of dodging real league politics and injuries; form and formation; fixtures and fixations. They were able to adapt a side with signings which would rock the real world of football and take Aldershot Town to the top of the EPL. That’s fine. Everyone should be allowed their own take on the game. The average player could even be forgiven for not adapting squads or players, that stuff takes time.

Now, EA are presenting people with real-life cross-over stats. Just a glance at the video above and you’ll realise that FIFA and the real world cross-over a whole lot more this season. Live updates are integrated into the game, a great function which not only makes the line between TV and games blurrier but also offers some interesting opportunities to fans.

Some people don’t like to go out of their way to check up on fixtures lists or delve into a formation, they just want to see the game or enjoy aspects of it. ’13 makes it easier to check ahead in fixtures, play them out and look at how real stats are changing the way you play FIFA. It gives it longevity and life which you could argue some games lack or don’t try to incorporate.

Best thing? I was so superstitious as a child, I wouldn’t play fixtures for fear that I could change the result just by playing out my ideas. There are probably hundreds of people all over the world playing out their fixtures and hoping that their positive result can earn their side the edge this weekend.

This seems to be the predictable progression for sports gaming right now, integration is what the market is providing as each electronic device vies to become the media-hub which 1970s movies fantasised about. In providing real stats FIFA is broadening football horizons for each player, the possible discovery of a new team to support through updates or an obscure player from the squad which you never thought to utilise.

As the first weekend that this is an active feature for the EA community, we’d like to hear your thoughts on the new functions, features and fixtures which are possible in FIFA 13. Are you a fan?

13 might be very lucky for some this season.


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