FIFA 13 PS Vita Review: Handheld Game Console Game Gets Red Card

It’s been many years since I actually regretted a game purchase to the point of anger, and I am shocked and saddened that FIFA 13 for the PS Vita would be it. With the lack of any sort of information over the past few months, I wrongly assumed that EA would have taken some of what’s great about this year’s overhaul and shrink it into the Vita version.

I knew that there would be no cross-play between the two consoles, so my plan was to take my Virtual pro that I have been meticulously working on and move him on the Vita and build while on the go. That was strike two.

Strike three was getting home and eagerly tearing it out of the pack, slapping it in the Vita, firing it up only to find that the game was a kit and roster update. What the heck? After all of the praises I heaped on the console version, I was seriously upset to see that EA took no effort to even make this game anywhere near its console brother.

Now I understand why there has been nearly no information or updates about the Vita version all through the summer.

This game is simply a repack of the FIFA Soccer title that came out when the Vita was released running on the FIFA 11/12 engine. Hardly any of the extra bells and whistles made it into this package. No Ultimate teams, no Match Day, no internationals, no mini games, nothing that is making the console version great is in here and it’s a shame that EA even bothered with the paltry effort. Even the career modes are still the same as the last iteration.

Some of the 1st Touch mechanics may have made it in but if I had never played the first release, this would have been a passable game at best but because I did, this repack at $40 feels like a serious slap in the face. I played this game for maybe an hour just to see if there was any difference in the controls but truth be told, it doesn’t really feel that different. The graphics looks exactly the same as the last version as well as the menus and game modes. This shows the lack of effort that EA Sports made in helping the cause for Sony to make the Vita a vital gaming machine.

At best, I can only recommend this to anyone who seriously needs some footy on the go or if you never played the last iteration. Otherwise, leave this game on the shelf and if you have the earlier release, do a roster update and continue playing it, or if you have an iOS device pay $6 and play that one.

1 out of 4 stars.

20 thoughts on “FIFA 13 PS Vita Review: Handheld Game Console Game Gets Red Card”

  1. Hi there thanks for the heads up, I am renting this arrives tomorrow, and I’m glad u didnt just buy strait away. Ea really pisses me off, I have gave the hundreds I’d not a thousand over close to 20 years and they put this shit out. I can’t go on all year about ea, the FIFA football is still 45 in ps store yet it’s 15 in Asda Walmart in America. All as we can hope is rhat no one buys. Yous should trade it in for something while you can still get some monet back

  2. You literally just expressed the way i feel about fifa 13, i was so dissapointed having spent £35 only to find out there was no differnce at all apart from a minor tweek in the mechanics, the impact system has not been improved as players are still going through each other.

    The commentary, celebrations, stadiums, graphics, layout and game modes are the exactly the same.

    The scoring on fifa 13 is still easy and you get no joy when scoring a goal. What on earth are you doing EA, why do we have to succumb to such belittling.

    I traded the game the very same day i bought it, whatever you do, do not purchase it.

  3. Well said & to add insult to injury even the screen shots used are outdated. Torres still in a poxy Liverpool shirt & two players in a Fulham pic don’t even play for the team anymore.

    My copy cost me £45 from HMV as I’d pre ordered PS3 version & brought a couple of old vita games to trade.
    I was gobsmacked by the price but trusted EA had delivered…. I was wrong. What a lazy effort.

    I feel like writing to EA to express my displeasure but what good would it do??? Any moral is don’t buy the game

  4. The reason the game is like this ,, This was the plan from the begining , Because the vita was launched february they released fifa soccer , for just 6/7 months , this title was actualy the fifa 13 game !! Think about it , you think they would develop a whole new game in 8 months , Come on People lets be real

    1. No, the first game was basically FIFA 11 with the new touch stuff. So we were expecting this update to bring it in line with FIFA 13 on PS3, instead nothing’s changed.

  5. How do you change the player featured on the main screening FIFA 13 on ps3 it’s carried over my FIFA 12 Choice ‘Modric and I can’t make the little bugger go away. FIFA 13 should know he is not in the squad and replace with someone, anyone else. Red card for that weak sauce!

    The FIFA. Interface is pretty bad withering options that don’t make sense. If they did I could go to “customize FIFA” and get rid of moderic from the main screen.

  6. As you said fifa 12 & 13 both are same. So pls i request all my friend dont buy this fifa 13. if you really a big fan of fifa still play only 12 version….thanx let SONY & FIA learn a lesson…

  7. Finally. A review. It seems that EA didn’t send any game website the VITA copy of the game, and is planning to fool customers into thinking the console version is similar to the VITA version. Every console game review seems to conclude with the line: FIFA’13 comes out for PS3, X360, PC, PS VITA and 3DS on November 25th. Yeah right. This is EXACTLY FIFA’11, with a roster update. What a sham. I now know why they never showed it running.

  8. Guys fifa12 came late this year on the vita so im expecting ea to do some sort of patch beggining of next year with the new aditions being added its why they had no news they had to bring out early so you wimps would’
    nt complain hold on and keep your copy

  9. I regretted buying fifa 13 for vita. Its almost the same as fifa soccer. The ipad version is better than vita. What a big let down.

    1. iOS version better? Don’t make me laugh. Buttons > touchscreen. FIFA 13 Vita is very fun to play. The best handheld soccer ever made. EA should be bashed for lack of updates but the game is still great.

  10. Thank you for the heads up.
    It’s a real shame, I had so many hopes for this game on the Vita. They are perfect for each other but I guess the sales of the previous game don’t justify EA’s effort on this.
    I just hope Sony will put pressure on them for future versions.

  11. I’m glad I found this review, I have been debating to get the PS3 or Vita version but ended up shelling out for the PS3 copy as I have played the demo and enjoyed it. I thought it was a worthy upgrade from FIFA12. I already own FIFA Soccer Vita and purchasing FIFA 13 without any major changes would definitely piss me off too. I’ll stick with the first version and wait for EA to allow crossplay before upgrading.

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