John Terry Found Guilty of Racism and Banned for 4 Matches: The Daily EPL

The FA announced this morning that “An Independent Regulatory Commission has today found a charge of misconduct against John Terry proven and has issued a suspension for a period of four matches and a fine of £220,000, pending appeal.” The charge is in relation to the alleged racist remarks that John Terry aimed at QPR defender Anton Ferdinand in the October 23, 2011 match.

According to The FA, “The penalty is suspended until after the outcome of any appeal, or the time for appealing expires, or should Mr Terry decide not to appeal.”

Depending on how John Terry proceeds, he may still be able to play in this weekend’s match against Arsenal if he decides to appeal the decision.

Here are the Premier League news headlines today:

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31 thoughts on “John Terry Found Guilty of Racism and Banned for 4 Matches: The Daily EPL”

  1. I still can’t get over the fact that there was a trial for this nonsense. Now the crooked FA steps in with their silly judgements. It’s all very comical.

    1. Racism is nonsense. But it’s not nonsense that it was investigated, unless you have first hand knowledge because you were part of the proceedings.

    1. I believe Rio got a £40 fine and warned about his future conduct for his Twitter comments, had he been the person who directly made those comments about Cole he would have also got a ban.

    2. first of all, Rio said NOTHING about crybaby cole. he only RESPONDED to a twwet that was sent to him. “haha, choc ice, classic.” secondly, he was fined 75,000. you ABU’s need to do your homework.

    1. I think it’s because Terry only used it once where suarez admitted he used it multiple times. The FA make up the rules to suit themselves in situations like these.

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  3. I say JT doesn’t appeal so he can get over the 4 game ban. The bad thing is that JT will miss the October 20th match against Spuds at No Heart Lane. JT always has a goal line clearance against Tottenham.

  4. So…how long is it going to take for Chelsea to change their 0% tolerance to racism rule?? My guess is that they already have.

    When are England going to wake up and realize that this guy is a menace to his sport and English society as a whole. He represents everything that is wrong with professional (?) footballers.

    Sack him and let him wander aimlessly for the rest of his life.

    BTW, I am not a JT fan.

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    TONYGOLD • 12 minutes ago
    The f.a. Kangaroo court is held in secret!!!!, they have a guilty rate of 99.5%!!!!,they even have secret “judges”!!!! the charge against john terry,which they maintain was a different charge from the court of law,,came from a 5 second you tube tape ??? how the hell can the charge be different ??? grosvenor law must proceed with john terrys appeal(which he will win easily), and take the f.a. To arbitration,and expose their totally immoral dictatorship..
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  6. Not sure how you can use the headline ‘guilty of racism’? Pretty sure that is not what the FA charged him with… Lazy journalism at its best.

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  8. Blah, Blah, Blah, the same old story about John Terry, I really don’t know if he is or isn’t a racist and frankly I could care less. So, some commission declares him a racist doesn’t make it true. Aside from family and friends who knows what is in Terry’s heart. I would challenge anyone at least once in their life they have not uttered a racist comment under their breath, in mind, or out loud. If you say you haven’t I think you are lying. As humans we are not perfect and never will be and how much as society wants everyone to like one another it will never happen, it’s just the human condition and you all might as well get used to it. However, I will say this freedom of speech doesn’t exist in the United Kingdom or Europe for that matter, you can’t have it both ways. Freedom to express your thoughts or ideas means taking the good with the ugly. That is one of the reasons I am grateful to have been born and live in the United States, even though our rights are under assault.

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