Where to Watch Liverpool-Manchester United On US Television

If you live in the United States, you have two ways you can watch Liverpool against Manchester United on US TV.

First, you can watch it live beginning at 8:30am ET on FOX Soccer on Sunday, September 23.

Second, you can watch it on tape delay on the free-to-air FOX network beginning either at 2pm ET or 4:30pm ET (check your local listings).

To many, it’s the biggest Premier League match of the year especially if your team is on the winning side. It’s also an extra special Sunday since it’ll be the first match at Anfield after the release of the revelationary Hillsborough Independent Panel report, which finally laid bare the truth behind the coverup by the establishment and how the Liverpool supporters were wrongly blamed.

Let’s hope the match is a memorable one!

4 thoughts on “Where to Watch Liverpool-Manchester United On US Television”

  1. We watched it on DVR avoiding the result at around 9,30 Central …… love watching football with my other half but he sleeps in at the weekend – so DVR it was …..

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