Being Liverpool, Episode 2: “On The Road”: Open Thread

Episode 2 of “Being: Liverpool,” the behind-the-scenes TV documentary from FOX Soccer and Liverpool FC airs today live on FOX Soccer at 2pm ET, and replayed at 9pm ET.

After the debut episode drew mixed reviews from fans and critics alike, now is the time for “Being: Liverpool” to show what it’s made of (or not), now that the back story has been completed in the premiere episode.

Episode 2 is likely to focus more on Brendan Rodgers’s task of working with his players on the North American tour from this past summer, so we can see what happens on the training pitch and in the locker room before the friendly matches the team played.

Like the first episode, we’re likely to see some insight into the player’s lives too, whether it’s in their homes or on the golf course.

Before, during and after today’s episode of “Being Liverpool,” post your rants, raves, questions or observations in the comments section below.

17 thoughts on “Being Liverpool, Episode 2: “On The Road”: Open Thread”

      1. It’s called a bit of banter… Chill out. And we (Liverpool) should have walked away with at LEAST a draw today. We didn’t though and the reason is glaringly obvious. Damage limitation until January then see what happens!

    1. I am an Arsenal fan, but having watch the Liverpool V Man Utd highlights, I have to say, Liverpool showed true heart and grit and definitely deserve a point, even Ferguson’s comments suggests that. So Liverpool team should use this as a bench mark and try to push upwards now, so long as it does not affect Arsenal :-)

  1. It was great to see John Joe shevley take responsibility for his actions today and not try and blame his red card on someone else. It just proves utd fans are wrong when they chant Always the victims it’s never your fault.

  2. Has anyone else noticed that Brendan Rodgers really needs to work on his team talks. Every other sentence ends with “Ok?” I have a hard time making it through the short snippets of him talking I can’t imagine what the players are thinking.

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