FOX Soccer Gets Red Card For Spoiler Alert FAIL

Here’s a letter from one of EPL Talk’s regular readers and commenters named NotTheNoob:

“When I want to avoid a spoiler, I don’t watch ESPN2 broadcasts and I stay off the Internet.

Today, I hoped to watch Fox Soccer’s tape-delayed broadcast (9am PDT) of Wigan v Fulham spoiler free. I didn’t watch any other soccer matches this morning, and I purposely didn’t visit’s open thread. At 9am, my TV automatically tuned to the fixture. And this was the first thing that I saw (see above photo)… the result! At the very top of the broadcast!”

Here is the same image with the on-screen programming info (see below)

FOX Soccer deserves a straight red card for this failure to properly offer a spoiler alert.”

Editor’s note: FOX Soccer did debut a new feature called “Spoiler Alert,” which I noticed during the half-time of Chelsea-Stoke, where they showed one of the goals from the first half of Wigan-Fulham. While I was impressed by that new feature, I agree with NotTheNoob that they need to do a better job of avoiding revealing spoilers at the top of the hour on their FOX Soccer Match Day program.

3 thoughts on “FOX Soccer Gets Red Card For Spoiler Alert FAIL”

  1. I feel your pain Gaffer.

    It’s even worse for me as Fox Soccer is unavailable where I live and I can only get FS2Go – have to watch lots of games on tape delay. Thus I have to go into complete internet blackout until 11:59 that night.

    But of course idiotic ESPN will run EPL scores on the bottom of the screen and that keeps me from watching College Football on Saturdays if I am tape-delaying an important match. Frustrating!

  2. Thanks for posting this Gaffer!

    I also recorded Fox Soccer’s live broadcast of Chelsea v Stoke City. I watched it after I emailed you earlier today. The new “Spoiler Alert” on-screen graphic was shown before the Wigan v Fulham highlight segment, but it was at the very end of 7am-9am Chelsea v Stoke programming block.

    I know to expect Ian Darke to announce goals in other fixtures. I know there will be results on Facebook & Twitter. I don’t expect to be spoiled at the beginning of a Fox Soccer premier broadcast. I understand that FSC tried to give a proper spoiler alert, but they failed today.

  3. Last week I was out on Tuesday when Arsenal was playing their first CL fixture. I stayed away from Internet as I was planning on to watch when Fox will have it again at 5. I was worried about same thing when I turned my tv on around 5. I was wondering if Fox will spoil it for me. But thankfully nothing happened and I could watch the game with full suspense.

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