David Luiz Tackle Angers Stoke Boss Tony Pulis: The Nightly EPL

Here are the Premier League news headlines tonight:

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6 thoughts on “David Luiz Tackle Angers Stoke Boss Tony Pulis: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Good article from the telegraph about the spurs structure, and how its really going with avb…. It looks like the project is going just fine from within.

    The blatant diving and brutal tackles, surrounding the ref etc.. by Chelsea is typical of them, they have so many top class players and yet still feel the need to act that way.. If it was a stoke player diving or making challenges like Luiz they would have seen reds and be subject to uber criticism. This doesn’t mean I think stoke isn’t guilty of that but the officiating and the conciquences should be consistent. But it’s not and that sucks.

  2. I find it really ironic that Tony PULIS is complaining about the David Luiz tackle. I’ve seen Stoke Players do worse tackles than that.

    1. That gets so old! It is as if Stoke is the only team that ever tackles or plays hard. It isn’t uncommon for Stoke to be outfouled by their opponent. I’m just glad Chelsea won straight up and didn’t require a blatant dive like Man United need to beat Liverpool.

  3. In all honesty there’s no point bleating about it. It’ll always get turned against Stoke despite the hilarious dives and play acting coming from Chelsea. At the end of the day there’ll be a mtach or two this season where a penalty is given against Chelsea as a result of a dive or a player doesn’t get sent off for a ridiculous challenge on a Chelsea player. I’m sure at the point there will be a whole raft of rule changes demanded by the likes of David Ogogo from Lagos or Niran from Chang Mai across various internet forums.

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