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Tottenham, Liverpool and Newcastle In Europa League Action: Open Thread

europa league logo Tottenham, Liverpool and Newcastle In Europa League Action: Open Thread

The Europa League means many different things for many different people. For Andre Villas-Boas, it means a chance to win the tournament. For Brendan Rodgers, it’s a unnecessary distraction and a land mine where players can get injured. For Alan Pardew, it’s a chance to play footballers who normally don’t get first team action.

In a tournament that is loved by some, laughed at by others, today’s matches will give us a little bit of insight into where these teams are in terms of depth and playing ability. Liverpool needs the win to keep their morale up. Tottenham needs the win to show that a win against Reading wasn’t a fluke. And Newcastle needs a win to keep his B team players happy.

For viewers in the United States, here’s the TV schedule for today’s matches.

Before, during and after today’s matches, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comnents section below.

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42 Responses to Tottenham, Liverpool and Newcastle In Europa League Action: Open Thread

  1. Dust says: it is…….what a rubbish set for fox..horrible, not sure what’s funnier, the over sexposed lighting making the pundits look like the orange warren Barton, or the fact that they believe warren, wynalda and stone are their big guns and below the Europa league LOL

  2. Dust says:

    What up with the officials where goal net camouflage ?

  3. Dust says:

    Wearing Siri wearing!

  4. Dust says:

    Own goal by young boys, Liverpool are 1 up without actually asking a shot! Amazing

  5. brn442 says:

    Dust, you are having technical issues as well, in your glass house. I love this liverpool line up – so far.

  6. brn442 says:

    And what is that “thing” on the back of their shirts?

    • The Gaffer says:

      It says “People’s Postcode Trust,” which according to their website is a grant-giving trust funded by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

      So the lottery is advertising on the back of Liverpool’s shirts now? Hmm.

      The Gaffer

  7. Andrei says:

    I’m wondering if Liverpool, Udinese and Young Boys will actually travel to Makhachkala or they will try to find some phony excuse.

  8. Dust says:

    I thought the Liverpool defender from South America was pronounced “co-a-tes” not “coats” lol, did he not watch the LFC documentary ?

  9. Dust says:

    Wisdom got some air! Nice header

  10. TJNash says:

    As usual, DirecTV is having technical problems getting its feeds from Europe: so far, only 3 of the 8 games scheduled for the UEFA channels are actually airing. Luckily, the games involving EPL teams are on the Fox channels.

  11. Dust says:

    All these outages are weak sauce. Liverpool have looked ok, not good, but ok, that young boys own goal was brutal.

  12. Dust says:

    Spurs squad is strong!

    @SpursOfficial: Our starting team tonight is: Lloris, Walker, Vertonghen, Caulker, Naughton, Sandro, Dembele, Dempsey, Bale, Lennon & Defoe #COYS

  13. Roger says:

    $19.99 for Fox Soccer2Go for a service that lost Serie A, Ligue 1 and they have now Europa League and they can’t even have all 12 games that are playing at once. To get other 6 games not covered on Fox Soccer2Go need to go to website and pay $4.99 pay per view for those games, no thanks.

  14. Dust says:

    This is just the resultlfc needed, shelvey and sterling made the difference. Doesn’t mean they will beat Utd, but it will feel great.

    • The Gaffer says:

      Liverpool’s midfield looks much better without Gerrard. But Young Boys are giving them a lot of space and time on the ball.

      The Gaffer

      • Dust says:

        It is, but you can’t say that on mersyside without getting stoned to death. Young boys were poor in the center of midfield, but Liverpool took their chances.

  15. Dust says:

    Lazily put out a strong team

  16. Dust says:

    Are these commentators sitting in a library? Awful

  17. Dust says:

    That was onside, should have been Dempsey’s first goal for spurs.

  18. Cody667 says:

    Suso showed why he’s ALMOST as good as Sterling, and just as deserving of more first team chances as Sterling is. Shelvey looks as though he’s just about ready to at keast start splitting time with Gerrard too.

    With Borini, Yesil, Sterling, Suso, Shelvey, Henderson, Allen, Kelly, Flanagan, Wison, Robinson, and Coates all 22 or younger, the future looks really bright for Liverpool.

  19. Dust says:

    He may not have had much to do but Lloris just looks comfortable as do the D with hi in goal, he owns that box!

  20. Dust says:

    Yeah, why not? More time in the system.

    • Sacto Blues says:

      Well last year Spurs really played their reserve players in the group stage and besides the league are Spurs saying this is a competition we should win or at least reach the semi’s ?

  21. Dust says:

    Lloris owning the box! Love it

  22. Dust says:

    3 goals disallowed, seriously? Caulker no worse than wisdoms goal earlier. 3 goals c’mon ref!

  23. Dust says:

    Spurs played very well, 2 of the 3 should have stood, lazio just fouling left, right and center, those officials were a joke, Klose brings down Dempsey in the box, should. Have been a penalty.

    Very unlucky to not have won 2-0. A good quality team to play in the lead up to QPR.

  24. dust says:

    first clean sheet for spurs this season by the way

  25. Steve says:

    It’s bad enough that people don’t think much of the Europa League but does Fox really have to have such bad commentators for this competition? I had to turn the sound off because they were so bad for both the Liverpool and Spurs games.

    • Matt says:

      I know they won’t do it, but Fox Soccer should consider showing games not involving EPL teams in the Europa League, as its obvious most don’t take it seriously in comparison to the sides from Spain and Germany for example.

      I mean do people really want to watch Liverpool’s reserves vs. Young Boys? Thats another gripe I have about Fox’s CL coverage, I remember once them showing Chelsea vs. Zilina over Real Madrid vs. Milan!

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