Racist Taunts Sour Tottenham’s Europa League Draw Against Lazio: The Nightly EPL

Three black Tottenham Hotspur footballers were the target of racial abuse from Lazio supporters in Thursday night’s Europa League game at White Hart Lane. The unfortunate incident happened during the 0-0 draw where Jermain Defoe, Aaron Lennon and Andros Townsend were the target of monkey chants. UEFA President Michel Platini was at the match too, so you would expect tough measures from the European football body.

Here are the Premier League news headlines tonight:

Video: Liverpool’s high-scoring victory over Young Boys

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13 thoughts on “Racist Taunts Sour Tottenham’s Europa League Draw Against Lazio: The Nightly EPL”

  1. Spurs played a great game against a very good Lazio side, the chants unfortunately are typical of italian football and even more so of SS Lazio fan base, a shame really. i have been to games at the Stadio Olymipco to see Roma and Lazio as well as for both Milan teams at the San Siro and it’s is all to common unfortunately.

    AVB really is doing a good job, nothing he or the team could do about the disallowed goals, they put the ball int he back of the net 3 times and have been unlucky.

    I dont think QPR will be as organized as Lazio were so i look forward to 3 points

  2. it’s the 1 aspect of the sport I don’t get in Europe. In the US we are far from being racism free but this just doesn’t happen in stadiums and if it does the fans around the offenders wouldn’t put up with it. The monkey noises and bannana’s ..it’s bizarre that’s 50 years ago stuff

  3. Just finished watching the game again on fox soccer2go, that feed has a professional commentator on it instead of the hacks that did the live game on fox soccer..

    In no way should any spurs fan be upset with the performance against lazio, or how it’s progressing at Spurs. We are only 5 competitive games in and the performance against a very disciplined and very good lazio was the best yet. Yes I know it was 0-0 but if you switched officials with the team from LFC v young boys 2 of the 3 dissallowed goals would have counted.

    The shape we have now looks so much better, so much harder for others to break down. Really impressed. Caulker did well and should start against QPR, as did Lloris. Naughton was also very good he was more patient and attacking in his play. So far Dempsey has impressed me, but it is early, I hope he continues to play well and not stroll around.

    I could not hear the monkey chants on the live fox soccer broadcast, however on the fox soccer2go feed it’s as clear as day, between 51 and 58 mins, very uncfortabld to hear, can inly imagine how Defoe, lennon snd Naughtin felt about it. Defoe kept his calm, a true professional. Lennon looked sharp giving a performance I haven’t seen from him in at least 4 years. That captaincy really did help.

    With platini in attendance you would hope he would do something about the horrible officiating and the racist chants from lazio fans.

    No doubt I’ll watch it again before Sunday, but what I have seen is all good from the boys and AVB.


  4. The only way to stop these racist chants from fans is to punish the teams by fining the teams heavily so that the teams themselves will do a better job of policing their own fans. If it continues then they should ban them from competitions for a few years. Only when it hurts their pocketbooks will teams take racism seriously and do something about ensuring that their fans aren’t involved in such ugly behavior.

  5. Crap like thus just is “so 50 years ago” – as an earlier poster said.

    I never see this garbage in the US. When I see it in western Europe I think “WTF?” And when I see it in Russia I think “what do you expect – it is Russia.” (no slam on Russia intended there – half my family is Russian. All places have good and bad things and this is a bad thing you see there.)

    Anyway, I think this stuff is reprehensible and should not be tolerated. Fining the clubs or not allocating away tickets is something worth looking at. Punishing clubs in terms of points/eligibility would be unfair, I think.

    1. I’ve heard racist remarks in the USA at NFL, MLB, and MLS games and at a pub watching an epl game, I’ve also seen it in airports, toll booths and in work environments. It is unfortunately in the fabric of society in the USA, all the above were experienced in the “liberal” SF bay area and I have been hear 10 years.

  6. Racism is horrible and I feel for the players that have to endure this at a football match. It is inhuman treatment and should be punished more by UEFA. But sadly UEFA wont do anything about it. They will slap the hand of Lazio and fine them 15,000 Euros. Less than Mourinho’s/Wenger’s fine for saying something about an official in a post match interview.

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