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Chelsea vs Juventus & Manchester United vs Galatasaray: Open Thread

champions league Chelsea vs Juventus & Manchester United vs Galatasaray: Open Thread

It’s going to take a lot to surpass the excitement level of what we saw during yesterday’s Real Madrid against Manchester City match, but I’m sure that Manchester United and Chelsea will do their best in their respective Champions League matches today.

The current Champions League title holders, Chelsea, begins its Champions League journey with a very tricky tie against one of the best teams in Italy. Avoiding defeat will be enough to satisfy most Chelsea supporters, but the Blues will need to be firing on all cylinders in order to get the three points.

Meanwhile, further north in England, Manchester United will begin its Champions League quest with a home match against Turkish side Galatasaray. United will want to make a good impression after last season’s bitterly disappointing Champions League competition where they were knocked out of the opening group.

For viewers in the United States, here’s the TV schedule for today’s matches.

Before, during and after today’s matches, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comnents section below.

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24 Responses to Chelsea vs Juventus & Manchester United vs Galatasaray: Open Thread

  1. BA14 says:

    Some interesting matches today. I can see Juventus getting something today. I think the Bayern and Valencia match should be pretty good.

  2. NeilO says:

    Im going for a 2-1 Chelsea win. Juve can buy the scudetto but not the Champions.

  3. Bob Tomlinson says:

    Is anyone’s fsc audio ahead of the video? This hasn’t happened to me before. It’s really frustrating.

    • Matt says:

      Yeah mine is. It happens occasionally with Champions League matches. It has something to do with the feed from across the pond. Fox Soccer Plus doesn’t have the timing issue.

  4. Fog says:

    MANU was fortunate there…a clear penalty by Vidic. What good is the 5th official if he won’t call that one? Conspiracy theorist will be coming out of the woodwork again. Why wasn’t it called? (1) it was 30 seconds into the game (2) it was going away from the goal.

    No matter what is said…the game is called differently the first 15 minutes than during to remainder. Especially, in major competitions…penalties and cards are seldom issued early.

  5. Fog says:

    Carrick’s goal…if Carrick would have gone down MANU would have benefited by having a penalty awarded AND the goalkeeper being sent off. Instead Carrick shows his professionalism and stays on his feet to score.

    I have always questioned why the fact that a goal is scored that the red card is not issued. I believe that a red card offense is a red card offense…regardless of the result of the play. (Same goes for ice hockey when a penalty shot is awarded and thus a penalty is wiped out…especially harsh there because penalty shots seldom result in a goal…but that discussion might best be discussed in another forum…Gaffer, do you have an ice hockey forum??? ) :)

    • Dust says:

      I said the same thing about the semi of the FA cup when Czech should have been sent of @ 2-1 for bringing down bale in the box.

  6. Matt says:

    Nani steps up to take a penalty. This is my reaction as he stutter steps.

  7. Matt says:

    Not sure if anyone is watching your local Fox Sports Channel, but Spartak Moscow just took a 2-1 lead at the Camp Nou.

    • Fog says:

      Thanks for the spoiler…I am going to watch the match after MANU…

      I am joking…why would I monitor a “live” thread if I wanted to keep from knowing a score? I do love it when people are serious about spoilers in “live” threads. Always gives me a chuckle. :lol:

  8. Sacto Blues says:

    Fair result getting a point against Juve. Chelsea will go through with full points against Nordsjaelland and Shakhtar.

  9. Matt says:

    Chelsea’s group can very easily be like Man City’s group last season…where a team with 10 points fails to get out because I can’t see Nordsjaelland getting a point.

  10. BA14 says:

    Chelsea struggled because the play without a striker, Torres just isn’t doing it.

  11. Sammy says:

    Messi truly is in prolific form, he scored twice today again! If he continues at this rate, he is bound to keep breaking tons of records and it’ll be difficult to tell where he ends up by the end of the season. Opponents must really be wary of him now.

  12. Sammy says:

    And Barcelona won, unfortunately for me. They fell behind but eventually came back, much like several matches we have witnessed in recent times involving big teams against smaller teams. From now on, I have to be really careful not to be happy, or at least too happy, when a lesser team takes the lead against a big team I dislike. Unless this comes, in the last few minutes, perhaps.

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