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Real Madrid vs Manchester City & Montpellier vs Arsenal: Open Thread

champions league1 Real Madrid vs Manchester City & Montpellier vs Arsenal: Open Thread

For many of us, today kicks off what will feel like the first day of the 2012-13 UEFA Champions League season. No more qualifying groups. This is the real deal. And what a better way to start it than with a mouthwatering match between Real Madrid and Manchester City!

Roberto Mancini’s team kicks off their Champions League pursuit with the game at the Bernabeu, live at 2:45pm ET on FOX Soccer for viewers in the United States. This will be a gigantic test for City especially with the pressure on their backs to perform well as the current Premier League title holders. Real Madrid has had a poor start to their La Liga season, but the home advantage should be enough to claim all three points, or will it?

In the other Champions League match today featuring a Premier League team, Arsenal travels to France to play Montpellier. Steve Bould will be managing the Gunners today while Wenger sits in the stands after his suspension. With Arsenal’s convincing win against Southampton on Saturday, the Gunners will be full of confidence.

Before, during and after today’s matches, post your rants, raves, questions and observations in the comments section below.

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25 Responses to Real Madrid vs Manchester City & Montpellier vs Arsenal: Open Thread

  1. BA14 says:

    I say 3-1 Madrid today.

  2. dust says:

    Modric and Ozil on the bench and Essien starts…lol Modric went for “champions league football” and is on the bench. ha, sulky. last time madrid even drew at home in this comp was 1960 something..they have NEVER lost their first game at home in the european cup… its a big ask to say the least.

  3. Paul says:

    Roberto Mancini can’t decide what he wants: Either he goes Ultra-attacking or Ultra Negative. This Mickey Mouse Line-up will get eaten up by Madrid.

  4. Guy says:

    If this keeps up Hart will be dead on his feet by halftime.

  5. dust says:

    no lescott is weird, as is putting in barry i have no idea what managers see in him.

    City are getting bossed. silva is very quiet. they are sitting back too much, tevez looks out of it, there’s no hunger from city, they almost look intimidated.

  6. dust says:

    Maicon is a shell of who he was, terrible buy for man city

  7. Alex Wolcott says:


  8. Guy says:

    How about that!

  9. Guy says:

    This kills me. Have to go out. Aaack!

  10. Mufc77 says:

    I said it all last season Yaya Toure makes the difference for city.Other players might get the praise but it’s all about Toure.

  11. Mufc77 says:

    It’s amazing what happens you you deliver a good ball into the box from a free kick

  12. PaulF says:

    Mourinho’s reaction to Ronaldo’s goal….LOL

  13. Mufc77 says:

    Viva Ronaldo!!!!

    Tough for city to lose it like this. From what little I have seen they deserve atleast a point.

    • Kagwa23 says:

      I dont thnk they did. They wer dominated thouroughly for abt 70 minutes and they shud hv been down at least 1 gial by ht. The result flattered city tbh.

  14. Alex Wolcott says:

    The side won that deserved to win that. Tough loss, but those are the football gods. Sometimes they give you two goals in the last 3 minutes. Sometimes they give them to the other. I’ll take May 13 of this year and call us ahead for the exchange.

  15. Paul says:

    3-5-2 with 7 defensive players leave you vulnerable. Mancini’s substitutions welcomed pressure. Mourinho said ok and obliged Mancini by sending Ozil, modric and Benzema in, 3 attacking players.

    I don’t think I saw Barry and Garcia make more 1 forward pass all game(unless it involved booting it up the pitch).

  16. BA14 says:

    I’m so pissed my dvr didn’t record the match!

  17. Guy says:

    Thank goodness for DVR’s! Saw the Kolarov goal because the wife wasn’t ready at the appointed time (no comment necessary…..or safe). ;-) Figured the match was over. Came back, having safely avoided all media, and thought I’d just check on the ending. WHAT?!!!!

    Great match.

  18. BA14 says:

    Fox Soccer 2Go got the matches up shortly after they finished. I was able to watch the 2nd half and enjoyed it.

  19. Sammy says:

    Epic match (the Madrid vs City one), though I haven’t watched it yet. And Arsenal won too! Congrats to them.

  20. gbewing says:

    one of the best matches I’ve seen in last few years -thrilling football. I think MC should not be too down about this result- disappointed certainly in the way it came about but in the 2nd half they found they could attack RM and hold their own. MC left some weapons on the bench but I think they will find themselves in CL.

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