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David Moyes Unhappy With Two Disallowed ‘Goals’ (Video): The Nightly EPL

david moyes David Moyes Unhappy With Two Disallowed Goals (Video): The Nightly EPL

David Moyes is not one to mince words, and not surprisingly, he was outraged after Everton were denied two clear-cut goals against Newcastle United tonight in a match that they should have won.

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Video: Everton v Newcastle Premier League Highlights 09/17/12

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11 Responses to David Moyes Unhappy With Two Disallowed ‘Goals’ (Video): The Nightly EPL

  1. Fog says:

    You would hope that top level match officials would not affect the outcome of any game…here they failed miserably!! The assistant referee needs to be suspended and then sent back to the Championship. Two missed goals cannot be tolerated.

    Aside, from the BBC interview with Moyes…there is posted the pre-match tribute to the Hillsborough families…the tribute was very moving and well done…I recommend everyone watch it…

    • Fog says:

      Well…I guess the officiating could be worse. They could have EPL “replacement referees” like the NFL is doing. Talking about making a travesty of the game!! Trying to watch tonight’s Atlanta v Denver game is a joke. The officials are getting about 50% of the calls right.

    • Reid says:

      They should have had 2 more goals, but I would hardly say they failed miserable. The off sides goal does not bother me much. I view missing that kind of call just a human element of the game that all sides have to deal with. Especially since I think he was on sides by just a hair.

      The 2nd goal though, that’s pretty bad. Hawk-Eye is all I have to say about that.

      • Fog says:

        In my opinion, when game officials miss 2 out of 6 goals scored in a game…that is failing miserably. I cannot see 33.3% fail-rate as anything else. Being “on sides by just a hair” is what makes a good striker. Someone who can time his runs to gain maximum advantage. Taking that away by incompetent officiating cannot be tolerated.

        There is nothing said about eliminating the “human element”…just that the “human element” needs to be more competent. Incompetence at this level of play is not an acceptable option.

        • Fog says:

          Actually, come to think of it, assistant referee Ceri Richards actually missed 2 out of the 3 goals scored at his end of the pitch. Now that is “failing miserably!”

  2. Dust says:

    Everton were robbed, 2 completely valid goals denied by a flawed officiating system. I say system because its not always Theresa, it’s the lack of tools at their disposal to deal with the speed of the modern game. There is only so much the human eye can see real time.

  3. Sammy says:

    2 disallowed goals. How unfair to Everton.

  4. M Owen says:

    Fog, where is the tribute posted? i missed the game yesterday and been looking to check the tribute EFC did.

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